For full details on the temporary closure of the Light Centre, including existing Passes/Class Cards Read here.
However, we are now running Online Streaming Classes!



While the Light Centre is closed you can still enjoy classes and sessions with your favourite teachers and therapists, in the comfort of your own home.

During these unprecedented times we feel it’s more important than ever to provide a space of calm and support for all our users. So we are keeping the costs of these streaming sessions as low as possible to allow for easy access and to continue to provide support for our teachers and therapists.


  • Streaming Yoga and Pilates Classes and Talking Therapies
  • Live broadcasts direct from your favourite Teachers or Therapists
  • Book in as you would for any regular class
  • Join from either a Computer, Phone or Tablet


1. Choose your Classes below

Choose a class or session from the timetable below and book yourself in now. You can pay the nominal £5 drop-in fee or get the 7-Day Intro Offer for just £7!
(note: you can also use your existing Monthly and Annual Passes as well!)

2. Download the Zoom App

To save time beforehand download the free Zoom App here to your device. For computers choose for ‘Meetings’, for Mobiles or Tablets choose ‘Mobile Apps’ or to use through your brower choose ‘Browsers’. You don’t need to have a paid Zoom account.

3. Receive your Unique Link

One hour before the class you will receive an email with instructions and a unique link to join the session. (Please ensure your email is valid!) The link will automatically launch your Zoom app and take you directly to the class. The email also provides links to download the Zoom App.

Joining the Live Class

Please follow these guides carefully for the best online experience

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FitGrid Join Email

One hour before your class you will receive this email with your unique link to join the class.
Note: This will be sent from

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Launch the Zoom App

You wil be asked if you want to open your app. Click ‘Open’

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Join with Computer Audio

You will be asked if Zoom can use your devices camera and/or audio. Click yes for the best experience.


Choose either of these pricing options at checkout when you book

7×7 Intro Offer

Get access to 7 sessions for just £7!
Valid for one week. A great way to jump in and test the waters!



Simply pay a one-time drop in fee of £5 per session. Super affordable.
Super easy!


If you already have a Monthly or Annual Unlimited Pass you can use these as well.

FREE CLASSES FOR NHS STAFF! Simply email us at and we will set up your FREE membership

Sign up now!

Please note we will be adding classes to this timetable very soon so check back in!

Please ensure you account has a valid email address, otherwise you will not receive the link to join the streamed class.

If you have problems booking through this timetable click here


How does this all work?

Simply book in as you normally would through our timetables and you will then receive an email from FitGrid roughly one hour before the class with full details of what you need to do. This will include a unique link to allow you to join the session. Note this link will only work for one person, so if you share it with someone else only one of you will be able to join. We recommend joining from about 5-10 mins before the session starts.

Does this actually work?

Yes! We’ve now already streamed live classes with great success and the feedback has been great! While this partnership software is totally brand new, and there will be hiccups along the way, please know we have been working incredibly hard to provide this service during this difficult time. We please ask you to be patient with us during this initial phase while any kinks are worked out. If you are having any issues please email us at:

HELP! I haven't received the email with the link. What should I do?

Your email with the link will be sent ONE HOUR before the start time of the class. If you’ve booked less than an hour before the start time you should receive this within in minutes.

This will come from Be sure to check your spam or ‘promotions’ folders! If you have still not received the link in time please contact us at

We highly recommend you ‘mark as safe / never send to spam’ the: email address.     

Do I need an account with Light Centre?

Yes, you will need to register an account with Light Centre and we must have a valid email address for you. This is how you will receive your unique code to join the class! You can register for an account at checkout when booking into a class online here.

Do I need special software?

An hour before the class you will receive an email from FitGrid with a unique link to join the class. When you first click on the link, you’ll be prompted to download Zoom automatically if you don’t already have it on your device. The process is relatively fast and easy, and only needs to be done once. Zoom can be used on computers, smartphones or tablets. You can download the app early if you choose but note you do not need to set up a zoom account to use this service. You can download the apps for your specific devices here:

I have an existing pricing package. Can I use this?

Yes, you can book into these streamed classes using your existing Monthly or Annual Unlimited passes. Or you can choose to simply pay the drop in price of £5 each, or even try the £7 Intro Offer! If you have existing Class Packs it’s far better value to buy the £5 drop-in. Shhh don’t tell anyone. 

Will the teacher be able to see me?

Yes. We think it’s important however you can choose to either share your camera or not from within the Zoom controls on your device. When you join a session your microphone will automatically be muted but your camera will be live. You can turn either of these on or off whenever you like. Note that some teachers may require to see you so they can assist you. 

Can I ask questions during the session?

Yes, you can always ‘unmute’ your speaker to ask a question but please follow the teacher’s guidance on this. There is a ‘chat’ facility as well but depending on the type of session it may or may not be appropriate. Always check with the teacher how they want you to get their attention.

Can I book through ClassPass?

No. ClassPass are not providing links to these and, as they do not share your email address with us, you cannot receive the access link. However, at only £5 per drop-in we hope this is still amazing value for you and you’ll join in.