14/03/2020 all-day
Light Centre Monument
36 St Mary at Hill
Billingsgate, London EC3R 8DU
Yog Kaya

A comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology, the hormonal changes of pregnancy, modified postures, breathing techniques ,mudras ,birthing and deep relaxation techniques.

• Pregnancy Yoga
• Pregnancy Yoga Guidelines
• Specific knowledge for each of the trimester
• Anatomy and physiology of Pregnancy
• Pregnancy Yoga for each trimester- Pregnancy Surya Namaskar, Supine, Sitting and Standing asanas
• Moola Bandha- Pelvic Floor Exercises • Special practices – Mudras, Pranayama, Mantras, Meditation, Visualisation, Relaxation & Yoga Nidra for pregnancy
• Garbha Sanskar
• Diet for pregnancy
• Teaching methodology during pregnancy including planning classes and learning adapting mixed classes,
• Specific Pregnancy Conditions, Complications, Contra-indications & Cautions
• Physiology and stages of Labour & Birth
• Yogic Practices for labour – asanas, pranayama, meditation, visualization, relaxation
• Postnatal Yoga
• Postnatal do’s and don’ts
• Immediate practices for mother after birth
• Postnatal Body- Anatomy
• Caring for mother
• Postnatal recovery Yoga
• Sequencing of postnatal Yoga classes
• Sequencing of mother and baby yoga classes
• Specific practices postnatally –Mudra, Postnatal Pranayama,
• Mantras, Meditation, Visualisation, Relaxation & Yoga Nidra
• Postnatal Yoga – asanas, pranayama, meditation, visualization, relaxation

Dates 2020 : 14th March ,15th March, 4th April , 30th May 2020

Course Fee : £990
Course Fee For Yog Kaya Graduates: £880
Deposit : £300
For more enquiry and application please contact on:info.yogkaya@gmail.com

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