19/04/2019 – 22/04/2019 all-day
Light Centre Moorgate
114 London Wall
London EC2M 5QA
£295 early bird (book before 1st April) / £400 full price

All of our teacher intensives have the underlying exploration of who you really are as a yoga teacher. Working through the medium of breath, mindfulness or movement we start to peel back the superficial layers that hide what you really have to offer the world.

These four days take movement research as our focus…

From experience this time together is organic, playful and explorative, able to adapt and change to whoever is present and whatever is needed. It is exactly the message that we are trying to deliver to those who attend and it is the skill that we want them to take away and apply to their own teaching.

We are expecting existing yoga teachers, who like us have felt a little restricted, uninspired or disenchanted with the way that the majority of yoga classes are delivered. Who want to explore ways in which they can be equally organic, adaptive and importantly UNAFRAID TO EXPLORE.

To explore WHAT?
– Their own fears and limitations as a teacher
– What they would like to embody as a yoga facilitator and how they might go about doing that
– Different ways of holding space
– Methods to shake up their own practice and the practice of their students
– Alternative methods of using a standard studio space and the props available
– Working without yoga mats to open the space to new possibilities
– Incorporating new and unusual methods of holding, moving, sequencing and transitioning
– How to integrate these to your students within the structure of a yoga class

Influences are drawn from disciplines as diverse as:
• Movement practice
• Animal flow
• Parkour
• Contemporary Dance
And add these to your sequencing and classes.

Our only intention is that you will have fun and laugh a lot, become a happier, braver, more confident and adventurous teacher and continue the natural evolution of yoga as it should be! That much is certainly guaranteed.