28/03/2020 @ 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
Light Centre Monument
36 St Mary at Hill
Billingsgate, London EC3R 8DU
Henny Flynn
07794 397 126

A one-day retreat to understand what change means to you, and what you want from it.

  • How can we drive change?
  • What can we learn from the past?
  • How to make sense of unwanted change?

This retreat is the first part of the ChangeFlow™ series. Choose it as part of the series or as a one-off session to support changes you’re experiencing or want to make in your life, to give you time to reflect and explore what this next phase holds.

  • Maybe you want to make changes happen in work, home or lifestyle?
  • Or change is happening to you and you want to manage its impact?
  • Or perhaps you need time to reflect on wide-scale changes?

Whatever your story, the day is designed around you.

Through mindful reflection, you’ll explore what change means to you, how it impacts the different aspects of your life, the lessons you can take from past experience and how you can action any further changes you want to make.

This is a time to explore any aspects of your life you’d like to nudge or shift into a new direction – with clear actions to take forward.

It’s thought provoking, mindful, enjoyable and proactive!


Reegroup retreat days are a time when we put aside that inner critic and really listen to ourselves, gaining awareness and understanding of what will most help us, in this moment, achieve what we desire.

There is no judgement. We all have our own experiences of life – and our response to those experiences is ours alone. It’s a wonderful opportunity to rest, relax and feel restored.

Using specialist coaching tools and techniques, alongside group discussion, self-reflection, mindfulness and practical guidance you’ll explore ideas to support you wherever your journey takes you.


Henny helps people shift behaviours and beliefs with compassion.

A professionally qualified coach and accredited by the ICF, she’s a change expert, with nearly three decades of corporate change experience. She now provides expert support to individuals and groups through leadership development, one-to-one coaching and retreats.

Her work is anchored in self-care – something that’s underpinned her own change journey and that she sees as being one of the keys to making and managing change successfully.


“Joyful! Honestly the most inspirational day.”

“A beautiful space in a busy world.”


“The complete focus on mind and body was wonderful.”