04/05/2019 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Light Centre Moorgate
114 London Wall
London EC2M 5QA
Allison Kelsey
07870 603 735

Goddesses; I invite you to join me in this deeply transformative sacred space as we join together for a mini retreat dedicated to the Goddess Isis and how we connect to our souls truth.

For many years, the Divine Feminine has been subdued, and for many women now, the only way they know how to be powerful and succeed is to connect in with their masculine energy. Through the mythical Heroine’s Journey, we discover the journey towards the Goddess, the Divine Feminine.

This mini retreat will continue with this theme and will be dedicated to Goddess Isis and how by invoking her energy we can connect to our power, purpose and presence. When we connect to the power of the Divine Feminine, it can be soft, serene and still incredibly powerful. Goddess Isis will help us to heal the wounded feminine and integrate all parts of us on the path to wholeness.

As usual, we will begin with setting a divine intention, story telling, before we dive into a creative vinyasa flow practice, slowing down in deeper held poses before a guided visualisation to meet Goddess Isis.

This will be held in sacred space and there will be rituals to connect to the Goddess both within and without.

This mini retreat is for just 9 Goddesses and the exchange is £49.