24/11/2019 @ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Light Centre Monument
36 St Mary at Hill
London EC3R 8DU

This workshop is an invitation to bring awareness to our life through a conscious connected breath. An increase of our awareness will show us that we have more than one choice every time we make decisions.

We do not get what we need to achieve our full potential most of the times. However, increasing consciously the supply of air we will awake the system through connected breath. How we breathe affects our mind and our body and vice versa.

Breathwork helps to bring alignment of the mind, body and spirit touching 3 different levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. The body is an archive of our life and our baby breath pattern has changed with the experiences and traumas we may have faced along the way.

Our lives are calling for a tool to reawaken our enthusiasm, reconnect us with our passion and seek resolution instead of temporary relief. Breathwork can be that tool that guide us going forward and it is up to us to start using that easy available tool for increasing our capacity for self-healing.

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