10/02/2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Light Centre Monument
36 St Mary at Hill
London EC3R 8DU
Himesh Gohil
07545 009 157


These are healing transmissions designed to work with the light, love and acceptance energies in one session and then delving into the dark, shadow and forgiveness in the following session.
In each session we will use transformational energies to open us to new an empowering experiences in relation to how we live and interact in our lives.

In this session, we will work with the aspects of divine and spiritual light, love and acceptance to assist our energy fields, subconscious creations, physical manifestations and loving vibrations expanding and growing into the experiences we are looking for ourselves.
These sessions are designed for you to access and accept your divinity and your own spark of spiritual light. Each session will open you to a different aspect of your own divinity as your grow and evolve in your light, your experience in each session will evolve and grow with you.

We will be using deep energy transmissions and healing light to work on the energetic system. We will be working to release and heal any of the experiences including trauma, emotional conflict, joy and peace that block the light from coming in which in turn will allow the light to access those parts of our energetic systems that are now ready to receive and expand.
By going to the root of our experiential manifestations, we can heal at the start which will slowly and gently bring about new experiences which will in turn heal the other aspects of our physical, and non-physical structures.


The evening will start with a short talk and a break. We will start the energy work with a sound release using crystal bowls followed by an hour long guided meditation infused with energy healing and waves of transmission energy. We will finish off with some more healing from the crystal bowls and a grounding meditation.

Doors open at 5:30PM and the event will start promptly at 6:00PM.

Doors will close at 6:20PM as once the energy work starts, we will not be able to admit any more attendees.

Yoga mat, chairs and blankets are provided.

You may want to bring an extra blanket, additional layers, pillow, eye mask, bottle of water