01/06/2020 @ 12:30 pm – 1:15 pm
Light Centre Online via Zoom
Fiona Houston and Pollyanna Stringer
We at Inner Flow Zone have created this energy training workshop to share our top 5 simple energy wellbeing hacks to reduce anxiety, improve immunity and boost energy.
Take a pause in your day to learn about your body’s energy system and rebalance your energy levels during the workshop.
We believe that less is definitely more and our tried and tested energy hacks taken from our EP Energy Programmes™ are quick, simple and easy to integrate into your day. If you want to learn how to give your mind some micro downtime to help you reconfigure, reset, re-energise and free up your creative flow to the next level, we look forward to meeting you.

We will be covering:

  • what we mean when we talk about energy, reiki, and energy fields – a science based explanation.
  • top 5 energy hacks for working at home and keeping your energy and immunity up including:
    • grounding – physically and mentally.
    • keep your immune system boosted by sound frequency vibrations.
    • energy exercises – use our 4 x energy exercises to release negative energy, relieve stress and boost immunity.
    • breathwork – 3 x guided breathwork exercises.
    • meditation – a 5 minute guided meditation to balance our three main energy centres.
  • Q&A session

Bonus takeaways for attendees of the workshop:

  • energy fact-packed presentation to keep with quick and easy exercises from workshop.
  • exclusive offer: online reiki treatments
    • 10 minute Reiki Reboot™ for £5 (normal price £15)
    • 20% off a full body treatment (30 or 60 minute treatments) (redeemable for your first treat of each)
About Inner Flow Zone:
Based in london, Inner Flow Zone is a collaboration between two Reiki masters and teachers: Fiona Houston and Pollyanna Stringer, to offer energy wellness management training and the experience of Reiki within creative workspaces and the music industry. Our intention is to encourage enhanced creativity, inspiration, open thinking and to stabilize the differing states of energy flux that clients in these areas are exposed to on a daily basis.

For more about our energy wellbeing services visit our website: https://innerflowzone.com

For energy wellbeing tips, exercises and thoughts on all things energy head over to our instagram and facebook pages: @innerflowzone


While this event is hosted in partnership with the Light Centre, the event is organised and run independently by the teacher and the Light Centre is not responsible for any content or claims.