30/05/2020 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Light Centre ONLINE via Zoom
Dr Deniah Pachai
Dr Deniah Pachai
Saturday 30th May
15:00 – 17:00

During this 2 hour workshop you will discover the fascinating history and practice of the Five Elements Movements and how it aligns with the nature surrounding us, the rhythms of the day and our true nature. We will also look at the five elements within the body and address the subtle body and the influence it has on disease, illness and unhappiness. We will then do the Five Body Parts Movements, the Five Vital Organ Movements and the Six Conditions Movements. You will be given a handout of the Five Elements Movements to guide you with your self practice.

With Lu Jong we are using the body as a vehicle to access the mind. Not only do we develop a closer connection with the body and become more aware of the Bliss of the body, but we also learn how to calm the mind and regulate our emotions. In doing so we leave the ‘Pain Body’ behind and embrace the ‘Bliss Body.’

About Dr Deniah Pachai

I became a GP as I wanted to help keep patients out of hospital, which soon progressed to prevention of illness and promoting healthy living. I believe that this may be achieved by combining Eastern and Western medical knowledge and practices in a responsible manner to achieve good health, which is vital for happiness and well being.

I trained in Medical Acupuncture as it helps to address pain and difficult to treat conditions for which western medicine may not have an optimal solution. I see patients privately at the Light Centre. I also continue to work as a GP and have a keen interest in nutrition.

I was drawn to Lu Jong and the Five Elements Movements in particular as it consists of a simple 10-minute movement and breathing technique that is ideal for those who want to start or maintain a daily yoga or exercise practice.

By learning the Five Elements Movements and practising regularly, you will find yourself having more energy and feeling more joyful. I have experienced this and it is fascinating.

It is an ancient practice that was used by Tibetan Buddhist Monks to keep themselves healthy. The other benefits promised by Lu Jong go beyond the physical. It is like a treasure chest of health and vitality I feel very fortunate to have discovered for my own wellness journey.

By working with the body in this specific way, we can develop resistance to disease, mental clarity, balanced emotions and vibrant energy. In other words, through Lu Jong, you will find strength, stability and happiness.

While this event is hosted in partnership with the Light Centre, the event is organised and run independently by the teacher and the Light Centre is not responsible for any content or claims.