20/09/2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Light Centre Moorgate
114 London Wall
London EC2M 5QA
Plant Medicine Alison Gayek, USA
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“Introduction into Plant Spirit Medicine” with Alison Gayek, USA.

Plant Spirit… What? What has that to do with me? Well… Do you breathe? Then, it is relevant to you because all of us, plants and humans, live in symbiosis on our Planet. For as it happens, not only do plants provide us with oxygen, food, shelter and physical medicine, they truly care for our wellbeing, emotional and spiritual health.

Many of us are fully adept at caring for our bodies, and indeed our minds, by judicious choices in diet and exercise and techniques of mental hygiene. But what of the spirit?

Ask yourself this: Do you feel fulfilled in life? Are you happy? When did you last sing from sheer joie de vivre?
When did you last smile at people because it was such a great day, regardless of the weather? If you can answer positively, that’s great! And if not, there are ways to reconnect with yourself and Plant Spirit Medicine is one of them.

We are pleased to announce a talk “Introduction into Plant Spirit Medicine” with Alison Gayek, USA, the Senior teacher on the professional course run by Eliot Cowan, founder of the discipline and author of the book (cover image above).

Plant Spirit Medicine is a unique healing modality calling upon the extraordinary healing power of plant spirits. Using the language of the five elements, Plant Spirit Medicine is able to restore balance and bring benefit to the human spirit.

Of his first magical meeting with plant spirits Eliot Cowan recalls “I hoped that I would meet someone who could teach me. I wasn’t disappointed. The spirit gave me detailed instructions about its magic, how I could use it and who could benefit from it. The plant assured me it would help many people. In fact, it said it had been waiting for nearly 200 years for someone to ask for this kind of help once again.”

Plant Spirit Medicine is the portal through which a person returns to balance and harmony, to their greatest sense of their own being. That is how our ancestors lived : an existence in which there is no illusion of separation from nature. Plant Spirit Medicine restores us to this state of grace.

Alison Gayek has been practicing Plant Spirit Medicine as her only healing modality for 20 years and has taught several generations of healers since 2002. Alison found herself reading Plant Spirit Medicine (1996) and immediately knew that she would study and practise this healing modality. She has a lot to share and is a very warm and wise person.

If you are pondering whether you should come or not, you might want to read Eliot Cowan’s book
“Plant Spirit Medicine” or, just published,”Touched by Nature: Plant Spirit Medicine Journeys” by Pip Waller and Lucy Wells, a collection of people’s experiences with Plant Spirit Medicine: “

Maximum capacity for the talk is 25 people, a great opportunity to ask all the questions you might have.

If you are keen to try Plant Spirit Medicine, Alison will be doing clinical reviews with my patients, and we still have couple of places left, please email me inna.herbalist@gmail.com. We will agree time for a free telephone chat to discuss your needs.

Meanwhile stay connected with me, Inna Duckworth, Plant Spirit Medicine Healer in London via https://www.instagram.com/plant.spirit.medicine.healer/
Inna Duckworth
Medical Herbalist, Plant Spirit Medicine Healer