10/11/2018 @ 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
Light Centre Belgravia
9 Eccleston St
Belgravia, London SW1W 9LX
Tiffany Crosara
07985 249 028

Psychic Development 1 diploma course will guide you through your own inner world of your super natural abilities, introducing you to hidden doors and keys so that unlocking your intuition becomes effortlessly easily in your life. Through different exercises employed throughout the day, you will realise the language of psychic work is the same as the language of your subconscious and you hold all the knowledge within.

The morning is dedicated to explanations and fun exercises that show you just how easy and fun it is to activate your psychic senses and in the afternoon we will go deeper with meditations that connect you to your spirit guides, higher self and past lives, to show you what depth of knowledge you hold within.


Course Content

  • Learning about Psychic Sensitivity
  • The Chakras and auric body, and how to work with them.
  • Learning about your Higher Self, Spirit Guide and Power Animal.
  • Meeting and working with your Higher Self, Spirit Guide and Power Animal.
  • Learning about soul evolution.
  • Exploration of your own past lives.
  • Using Psychometry and a variety of other tools to access psychic information.
  • Grounding, what it is, how to do it and why it is so important With Psychic Development.