21/12/2019 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Light Centre Moorgate
114 Moorgate
London Wall, London EC2M 5QA
Anaiya Sophia

Sacred Body Awakening is a Women Only gathering to remember “life in the Temple” and the ways of opening, healing, longing and awakening the full feminine force within the body. This workshop will open you to what you already know is inside of you, but just needs a little push (and permission) to actually embody it. This gathering would be for those who know their sacred purpose lies in the field of Temple Work, Sacred Touch, Anointing, Soothing, Somatic Touch, Sensuality, Passion and Power to illuminate the lost and forgotten parts of people bedraggled by our time.

Held in a safe and comfortable container with Anaiya Sophia, author of 7 books and founder of Sacred Body Awakening, your day will be one to remember.