11/05/2019 @ 10:00 am – 12/05/2019 @ 5:00 pm
Light Center Monument Studio 2
36 St Mary at Hill
London EC3R 8DU
Sylviane Gianina
0033 6 42443980

To be truly yourself, your must remove all that is not you breathing is the way

A workshop on breathing, pranayama and beyond, based on Patanjali’s timeless wisdom.
(YS II-52 tatah kshiyate prakashavaranam what covered the light dissipates)

Remove the veils, so you can see reality as it is de-compact the layers of dust, stuff and other (un)conscious sediments, which support self-sabotage patterns break through the blocks and other defence mechanisms breath works magic through touch and flow, rhythm and surrender, an ongoing journey if you get stuck, frustrated, disempowered

if you are fed up with being trapped in limiting beliefs or if you want to shine your light more come and join the group, this is what you need.