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ONLINE – Hormones? What Hormones, I Feel Fabulous! Workshop with Tori Norris

I am only 40 how can it be the menopause? I hear this a lot.

Many women reach out to me, feeling a little lost, unsure what is going on, and frustrated that they have been trying lots of different things however, nothing seems to be working…

In this workshop I am going to answers these common questions and highlight all the things that can happen in your 40’s 50’s and sometimes start as early as 35. I was 38 when my hormones started to change. One thing I can tell you is that whatever you did in your 20’s and 30’s will need updating and changing if you want to live in a happy and healthy mind and body in your 40’s & 50’s.

If you would like to see my cheat sheet for menopause, click on this link

At the end of the workshop you will go away with:
A lot of knowledge, so bring a note pad!
Breathing exercises
Hormone happy foods
Exercise styles
Hormone disruptors
7 Pillars of a healthy & happy mind and body.
Fact sheets on Brain Fog, Menopause and 15 reasons you could be tired and what you can do.
Tori has been working with Women for 16 years helping them to love the mind and body they live in. She is passionately working with women in their 40’s & 50’s to help them manage their hormones and regain control.

Tori has a Private Facebook group, where every day she provides fresh new solutions and ideas on how to manage your health & Well-being.
Please accept this invitation to join the group and come and say Hi.

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09 Dec 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



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Tori Norris


Tori Norris

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