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Hypnobirthing Live Session

ONLINE – Hypnobirthing Live Session with Tessa Bali

Join Tessa for sixty-minutes of live, deep hypnosis and relaxation, via zoom.

Ideal for those new to Hypnobirthing who want a taster before taking the full course, or before buying more Hypnobirthing MP3s.

Also good as a top-up session if you are needing a quick boost.

Beginning with Progressive Relaxation & Anxiety Release, through to your baby’s Birth Rehearsal. You’ll emerge invigorated, energised and confident about your upcoming birth.

Hypnobirthing allows you to remove fear and move into a relaxation response, which results in better blood flow and oxygen to your vital birthing body.

Hypnosis delivered online has had fantastic responses, with clients experiencing amnesia from sessions that aim to induce amnesia … suggesting that the subconscious can relax as beautifully remotely, as it does in clinic. This is great news as it means that sessions are absorbed deeply at a subconscious level.

Dedicate this time for you, switch off all distraction, get comfortable, and let me do all the work for you as you switch on your birthing mind and body. Bring your birthing partner along for no extra cost.

Allow yourself to practice deep, hypnotic relaxation. Visualise your upcoming birth, using your wonderful imagination.

Once you register for the session, the zoom link will be sent to you in advance of the session. Ensure you download zoom.

Hypnobirthing is immensely rewarding for all involved ?

Benefits of Hypnobirthing:

1. You are empowered by your ability to gracefully accept any changes to your birth plan.
2. The need for chemical painkillers is greatly reduced.
3. The first stage of labour can be shortened by several hours.
4. Your birth partners feels empowered, involved & better able to help & support you in multiple ways.
5. The birthing mother feels more full of vitality after the birth.
6. Hypnobirthed babies are happier & calmer.
7. Hypnobirthing tools & techniques help during all stages of labour & beyond.
8. You will learn to trust yourself, your instinct & your birthing body.

Streamed using Light Centre Zoom

Tessa Bali. Clinical & Holistic Therapist. Owner, Little Steps Hypnobirthing.
DCH, MAAPA, C&G Diploma Clinical & Holistic Aromatherapy, Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

07947 849 602 or littlesteps@tessabaliholistic.com for enquiries.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TessaBaliLomilomi/

Clinical Hypnotherapist / Regression Therapy – Past-Lives & Current-Life / Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage / Deep Tissue Massage / Aromatherapist / Reiki Master Teacher – Usui & Holy Fire.

Download background delta wave sounds that are a pleasant, calming addition to play during sessions, although not essential: www.dropbox.com/s/95lfefs41qwlbx9/PeaceTrance_Delta_60_Silencio.mp3?dl=0

Little Steps Hypnobirthing:

Instagram: @hypnobirthing_with_tessa

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22 Oct 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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