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ONLINE – How to Shift from Conflict to Connection: Difficult Conversations Made Easy

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Have you been in a stressful conversation with a boss, coworker or friend where nothing got solved? Or, have you engaged in conversations that kept going nowhere? This happens all the time when we are triggered by a challenging situation, and our ability to have a constructive conversation goes out the window! Ever wondered WHY this is and WHAT to do about it?

Join us for this inspirational and practical workshop where you will learn how to communicate more constructively through empowering conversations. During the workshop you will gain key insights into the common obstacles to effective communication and how they lead to disconnections in our relationships. You will then experience how this new awareness can be used to disrupt old behaviours, enabling you to create a practical plan to deal with difficult interactions and generate the connection and resolution you desire.

This is for you if:
You have gone into a challenging conversation with a boss, co-worker, friend or family member and the conversation went nowhere.
Your talks with a family member keep hitting a wall and you are ready for a breakthrough.
You are ready for more heart centered and empowering conversations.

By the end of this 2-hour workshop you will be able to:
Initiate constructive and empowered conversations · Recognize anxiety & frustration and shift back to calm
Defuse stressful conversations
Shift from conflict into creative problem solving


Karen Jones, MD –
Karen’s purpose is to empower women who are driven but unhappy, to experience feminine embodiment and deep connection to themselves, and have the inner transformation they need to create an inspired vibrant luscious life! Karen is a former Ob/Gyn physician, plus a healer, guide and Transformational Facilitator. For over 28 years she had a thriving medical practice in Seattle and supported women with their health care needs integrating the holistic with the medical. During that time, she also studied the mind-body connection, attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and became an energy healing practitioner. Today she works even more deeply with the core issues of embodying the feminine in our world today. All her previous experiences in medicine, energy healing and personal/spiritual growth have given her great insight which she is weaving into her programs and sessions.
Karen Jones, MD & Mentor (@karenjonesmdthrive)

Stacy Silvernail –
Stacy’s desire is to empower people to create the life they came here to live, by evolving their consciousness and developing empowered relationships with themselves and others. Stacy is a former Microsoft employee, an energetic health technician, meditation instructor and Transformational Facilitator. For the past 25 years, she has studied and continues to study, various models of consciousness, with a focus on working with the mind and emotions. These consciousness models include DNA Activations, Integral Theory, Barbara Brennan’s Hands on Healing, Core Energetics, Primordial Sound Meditation and Reiki. Today Stacy is focusing even more deeply on the sacred dynamic of masculine and feminine and the structures necessary to bring about this integration. She believes that once we are able to embody our masculine and feminine powers intact, we will recreate this sacred dynamic in the world.


24 Oct 2020


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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Stacy Silvernail
Stacy Silvernail

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