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ONLINE Radical Love Workshop with Anja Woszczyna

Join this wonderful, warm and creative workshop that promotes a heart-centred consciousness, deeply connecting you with the ever abundant and ever present power of love, acceptance and compassion.

Allow yourself to be open and playful as you gently and sweetly move your body through some inspiring sequences that will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and nurtured. We will touch on all major muscle groups, with a focus on letting go and embodying imperfect loving perfection.

Through breathwork, chanting, powerful kriyas and meditation, you will activate the higher centres of your brain, creating a state of aliveness, lightness and bountiful compassion. The more you align your physical and subtle bodies, the easier it is to walk with grace, especially in these unpredictable and unsettling of times.

There is nothing more powerful than LOVE, is there? Are you ready and willing to walk the path of RADICAL LOVE? To radiate abundance, courage and deepest compassion?

Say YES and grant me the pleasure and honour to be part of your amazing transformation.


Anja’s teaching integrates asana (physical postures) yoga practice in the form of vinyasa yoga (dynamic yoga), restorative, yin and therapeutic yoga with precise body alignment together with the healing aspects of the ancient yogic knowledge and philosophy that supports your journey towards empowerment, vitality and peace.

Within that special space that will be created together on the mat you will explore the amazing potential of your body, the power of your mind and the boundless strength of your spirit.

Anja’s intention is to spend as much time as possible on the mat and with students applying careful and strong hands on assist. She will help you to deepen your own practice and go beyond your mind’s limitations.

You will leave the class feeling rejuvenated and energised yet with that deep sense of balance and peace within.


11 Apr 2021


3:00 pm - 5:45 pm



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Anja Woszczyna


Anja Woszczyna

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