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ONLINE Restoring Your Pelvic Floor & Core Workshop with Tori Norris

This 90-minute workshop will:
1. Teach you all you need to know about your Pelvic Floor
2. Show you if you are engaging it correctly
3. Teach you effective breathing exercises to increases its function and also help you to relax and connect with your core.
4. Teach you all about core strength, what that means, and exercises you can do to achieve a stronger core.
5. Introduce you to Yoni Eggs why and how you would use one and the benefits
6. Provide you with insights into intensifying your orgasms and sexual experience.


Who is this for?
Anyone who has had children, it doesn’t matter what type of birth you had as carrying for 9 months is when the most amount of strain is put on the Pelvic Floor
Anyone with a Diastasis Recti
If you have incontinence issues
Have or had a prolapse.
Perimenopause and menopause women.
If you are severely overweight
Lower back pain or pelvic stability issues.

50% of women over 50 have some kind of dysfunction in their Pelvic floor which can lead to prolapse. You can prevent this from happening to you.

60% of the women I work with either don’t know how to engage the pelvic floor correctly or are doing it wrong. So how do you know you are engaging your Pelvic Floor correctly? If you click on the link I will send you a video on how to know if you are connecting your Pelvic Floor correctly or not.

Are you aware your breathing and posture are related to your Pelvic Floor function and all three are what help you build a stronger more effective core? In the workshop, we will also look at your breathing patterns and what happens when we may have faulty breathing patterns, which will not only help your pelvic floor but is also essential in managing stress and anxiety.

We will explore 3 different pelvic floor exercises. Two different breathing techniques. AND… My little secret that increases the connectivity of your pelvic floor anywhere!

Once you have completed the 90 minute workshop, I will also give you a £15 voucher to use for one of my online courses or private classes.

Every woman should be able to sneeze with ease and have the confidence to not worry about their pelvic floor functions. These are just a few things we will discuss and I will show you how to do them correctly. I will give you ways to measure your pelvic floor strength and all the things you need to know to improve its function and place you into the positive 50% statistic.

Tori has been working with Women for 16 years restoring their Pelvic Floor Health and Core Strength and Stability.
She is passionately working with women in their 40’s & 50’s to help them manage their hormones to love the Mind & Body they live in.
Tori has a Private Facebook group, where every day she provides fresh new solutions and ideas on how to manage your health & Well-being.
Please accept this invitation to join the group and come and say Hi.
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30 Jan 2021


9:30 am - 11:00 am



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Tori Norris


Tori Norris

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