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ONLINE – Self-love Workshop with Jana Krychtalkova

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This is a warm invitation to join us for a self-love workshop, a sacred and nourishing time just for yourself.

We’ll start with a guided meditation, which takes you on an inner journey back and deeper into your heart and helps you to reconnect to the love within that is always there for you, no matter your conditioning, your past or what’s happening in your life right now. An innate part of this journey is connecting to Source and Angels and opening to their messages and healing.

After sharing your experience of your inner journey, we’ll explore the powerful Law of Attraction and the major role self-love plays in creating the life you love. There will be space for you to ask questions and gain more clarity, which will bring a new fresh perspective on your life and the relationship you have with yourself.

About the Teacher

Jana is a Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Healer. She is passionate about helping her clients reconnect to their natural well-being, innate worthiness and positive mindset. Jana believes that there is greatness and unique gifts and talents within all of us and as we learn to follow our joy, they unfold in perfect ways.


12 Nov 2020


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



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Jana Krychtalkova


Jana Krychtalkova

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