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ONLINE – Spinal (backbends), Hip Mobility and Breathing Workshop with Catie Foroughi

Working technique, breath and mobility can transform backbends. It can make them more accessible, safe, enjoyable and give a certain understanding of why to do them/work them. So that’s what we shall do in this workshop!

Presence, transformation, invigoration and embodiment are byproducts of backbends and breath. We will work exercises to help you make the most of your backbend experience in your practise. We shall experience shoulder opening, target the hip flexors as well as the whole spine.

If backbends are enjoyed then this makes one’s practise much more joyful and also you are much more likely to show up or stay in the backbend! A regular yoga practise with good alignment/ technique is an awesome foundation for health/ enjoyment/ contribution to life. So whether you want to explore your spinal and hip mobility, backbend upside down, or simply want to incorporate techniques to help shoulder/back issues, this workshop presents an opportunity to get playful and try things you might think you can’t do, or don’t yet know how to do.

You will receive alignment adjustments & assistance and have the opportunity to expand and try out backbends and steps to splits in a safe and fun environment. Engage in exercises which contribute to a healthy spine/ approach. Mobility gives you more options, can be rehabilitative and can help prevent injuries. You will have the opportunity to ask questions/get individual feedback.

Have a mat, blocks or books, any kind of belt, bolster or pillow/ cushions, and something that can be used as weights, be it dumbbells/ plates/ ankle weights/ water bottles/ a workout band if possible.

Catie conducts all types of classes including one-on-one and group yoga, master classes and Yoga training intensives all over the world. Many of the Intensives she offers and co-creates with others are backbend and handstand focused.

Website: www.cyoga.co.uk
Insta – https://www.instagram.com/cyoga1ove/


12 Dec 2020


10:00 am - 11:15 am



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Catie Foroughi


Catie Foroughi

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