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Yin Yoga, Money Meditation and The Universal Law

Yin Yoga, Money Meditation and The Universal Law Studies

A two hour journey of refining our energetic and emotional intelligence and expanding our abundance consciousness.

My intention with this workshop is to help you align with your highest YOU. Your most abundant timeline. And where once were obstacles and blocks you are now beginning to see endless possibilities and pure potential.

The workshop consists of breathe-work, tapping, yin yoga and learning about the universal law studies: intention setting, visualisation, affirmations and manifestation techniques. The session ends with the money meditation to activate cells into abundance.

The sound bowl, dark chocolate and essential oils throughout the workshop will deepen your relaxation and allow you to feel safe. The feel good sensations are the main ingredient for manifesting your highest vision. Students are invited to remain observant, curious and reflective during this powerful journey of inner transformation.

The workshop will help you:

~ Increase your connection to your heart energy, your wealth container. Bring clarity and healing.

~ Feel, understand and become aware of your sensations, thoughts, emotions, visions and intuitions. Your internal guiding system.

~ Train your cells to activate and expand to your intentions and affirmations. Manifestation skills and subconscious mind reprogramming.

~ Enhance your ability to connect to your divine intelligence. Your highest YOU.

~ Choose the Highest YOU Now!


Marija is a London based musical artist, yoga teacher, meditation guide and energy intuitive. She combines the ancient techniques of yogic and tantric arts to bring another into wholeness; peace and harmony.

She started her yoga journey in 2002 as part of the warm up sessions during her dance and theatre training at Victoria University in Melbourne. She quickly became aware of the healing effects that yoga had on her whole being and felt compelled to delve deeper.

She became a fully qualified teacher in 2014, over the years she’s completed 500hrs of yoga teacher training, as well as many workshops, retreats and the two 10 day silent vipassana sittings in Hereford. She’s studied tantric arts at the Academy of Tantra.

She serves as a guide towards emotional and spiritual transformation. Her classes are intuitively led. Many who visit Marija’s classes and workshops are deeply touched by her uncanny ability to tune into each and every student, create safety to help them process grief and re-establish trust with their own internal guidance and embrace their power.



Marija’s yin yoga practice is like no other. It is unique and special; a true gift on all levels, the body, mind and soul. Marija expertly guides you into a state of deep rest and relaxation and then shows you how to go deep within yourself, to explore heal and learn.You couldn’t ask for a better teacher than Marija. She is incredibly knowledgeable, effective and, most importantly, full of love. By going to Marija’s class you are benefitting yourself on a multitude of levels, not just the physical. The practice is very powerful. I am so incredibly grateful to have Marija as a teacher. Elizabeth Makin, Dentist Practitioner 

“Marija’s classes are transcending. It’s never just a physical practise with Marija, she takes you to a deep soulful journey, into a place of inner calm. She is a special being, just being around her I feel calm and happy. if you haven’t yet experienced her healing work or done her yoga class, I suggest you do!” Kiraly Saint Claire, URBAN DECAY VISUALS

“I can not express enough how lucky I am to find a gem Marija as my Yin teacher. Marija’s gentle and calm approach invites us to open our bodies, hearts and minds to a whole new level. She is incredibly calm and softly spoken with so much positivity, helping us feel comfortable with who we are. She is simply superbly amazing.” Yoko Ueda, Primary School Teacher


21 May 2022


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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Light Centre Belgravia
9 Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LX
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