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YOGA and the 36 meNOpause symptoms Teachers’ Training

My vision for this course is to create a strong and supportive community for women during the phase of their menopause. My aim is to offer important information and extensive knowledge and an opportunity for self development and empowerment in a positive space. A place where we can acknowledge and honour the unique phase of the menopause. A place to enable women to have the tools to embrace the menopause with grace and confidence.

The course is designed to encourage YOU to be brave and embark on joining the conversation to take control of your body and mind during the vital changes you undergo during menopause. Take the courage to challenge the stigma and change the narrative by embracing, educating and empowering yourself to support your students on this sacredly natural and important phase of a woman’s life.

As you begin to learn about and explore the many symptoms, we will collectively unpack and understand each one at a time. Drawing upon my extensive knowledge about yoga and spiritual practice I will be able to support and reassure you with practical and effective strategies that soften their impact and allow the menopause to become a deeper, spiritual and more peaceful journey rather than something to be silently endured. Let me guide you as I share my wisdom and knowledge.

On completion of the 40 hour ‘YOGA and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ Teachers’ Training Course attendees will have an overview of:

• What the menopause is and its psychological and physical impact.
• A comprehensive understanding of the 36 menopause symptoms and what we can do to help soothe and alleviate them.
• How to select poses to create specific sequences, breathing exercises and meditations to teach a general or specifically themed ‘Yoga for Menopause’ classes.
• How to weave ‘YOGA and the 36 meNOpause symptoms’ into an open general class.
• How to hold space for a Women’s Circle and Menopause Workshop.
• Last but not least, an invitation to start changing the internal narrative and external understanding of this phase of life and step onto the path of a spiritual journey and empowerment. An opportunity for self awareness, reflection and introspection.

Full Price £400


28 Jan 2023 - 05 Feb 2023


9:00 am - 6:00 pm




Light Centre Monument
36 St Mary at Hill, London, EC3R 8DU

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