Five Hours of Past-Life Regression Therapy with Clinical Hypnotherapist Tessa Bali

First hour is your telephone Consultation.
Main PLR session is between two and three hours.
Summary session is one hour.

During Hypnosis you’ll discover a past-life, easily, guided by my gentle questioning.
The aim of PLR is to find understanding of an aspect of a current-life situation that is challenging.
During Consultation, you’ll decide which current-life challenge you would like your PLR session to inform.

Outcomes and learnings from the main session are then put into a highly bespoke hypnotherapy summary session for you to repeat in the weeks and months following the main session, so your subconscious fully absorbs your healing and learnings.

Session takes place remotely via zoom or in-clinic.
More on PLR therapy here:

*Offer valid on appointments in October and November 2021.
Offer applies to new enquiries following September 2021.
USUALLY: £95/hour
OFFER: £70/hour

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