Move through Challenges fast using Past-Life Regression Therapy.

Past-Life Regression Therapy is a two to three-hour Regression Hypnotherapy session, which follows your free phone consultation. You decide on the current-life challenge that you have prioritised and want to tackle, using PLR. The main session reveals your soul progress during trance, and possible reasons for the challenge(s) you are facing.

With my guidance, you talk freely in the trance as you see your past-life character and significant scenarios in that life. I question and bring to the surface interesting aspects of that life, including, for example, a day that changed your life significantly, your saddest, happiest day etc. and examine your character traits and your relationships. We examine how you may differ now, and how you may be similar to your past-life character, and how relationships may be different in comparison to those in this life. You may even recognise characters in your past-life that are with you in this life.

If there are aspects of the past-life that need healing, we bring healing to this aspect. If reunions are necessary, reunions happen and closure can occur.

Revelations, outcomes, progress achieved, healings made, reunions achieved … are summarised in a highly bespoke Hypnotherapy recording following the session, which encapsulates my thorough note-taking from the main session. Your repeatedly listening to your summary of learningsrecording will further deepen the positive effects on your progress, upon the challenge that you chose to move on from.

I am collating case-studies for a potential book on past-lives, so do let me know if you are fine for your study to be included. Your sessions are otherwise confidential.
Session takes place at Light Centre, Belgravia or remotely via zoom.

I can recommend books on this subject by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Michael Newton, Ph.D.
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OFFER: £66/hour WAS: £95/hour
Until December 23rd 2020.
Applies to new enquiries following 19 October 2020.
Payment if necessary can be spread over two months with no interest charged.

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