Powerful through Posture Pain Free Coaching in 90 days

Pain Posture Performance

Powerful through Posture Pain Free Coaching in 90 days

I’m looking for 5 success driven, high performing professionals Who Want their best posture; be pain free, level up their energy, increase confidence, and performance at work, in exercise or sport. Stay Active!

I’m opening a high level-coaching program for deskbound professionals (partly online) looking to

  • a) Resolve chronic back pain
  • b) Improve posture and spinal health (measurable results)
  • c) Maximise resilience to stress (measurable results)
  • d) Level up their energy and performance at work in activity or sport.

I’m looking for some case studies in exchange for a RADICAL discount.


Must be willing to:

  • a) Commit to the program and provide feedback
  • b) Follow my exercise, postural correction program and nutrition advice
  • c) Allow me to Share Your Results for Promotional value (anonymously if you prefer).

You must also be willing to train alone for 5x per week (15-20 minutes Pilates, Neuro-movement and Yoga rehabilitation exercises).

I’ll coach you and hold you accountable online, to reduce your visits to The Light Centre for treatment

Book a Free Discovery Call via email tracyelroy@icloud.com


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