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Eating well is absolutely essential for good health, so we thought you’d like to see what’s in our kitchen!

If you appreciate our advice and want to buy something for yourself, then why not buy it from us on our website. It won’t cost you any more and it will encourage us to keep going. From time to time we will also offer advice on how we would get digestive issues sorted and we’ll organise special educational events. Happy shopping.

Juicing & Blending

Create a new daily routine

Juicing and blending are practical, time efficient ways to maximise our intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and getting enough greens in our diet!

If you’re looking to dip your toe in the water, and into the wonderful world of juicing and blending, we’d recommend the entry level VonShef juicer and the Nutribullet blender.

If you’re looking for a top-tier product with top quality parts and excellent customer support, we would highly recommend that you join the international fanbase and invest in a Greenstar juicer with it’s magnetised rotary grinders, and a Vitamix blender with blades so sharp they blend fruit and vegetables to liquid with no added water.

Sprouting & Spiralising

Seeds and grains are living plants in an inert state, but most of their goodness is locked away until water and light make them sprout. Turn your seeds and grains into small plants in this sprouter and reap the health benefits.

If you’re finding it hard to get away from pasta, then a spiraliser could be the solution. You can for instance create a very edible spaghetti from courgettes and put your favourite pasta sauce on top.


Fermenting brings life back to inert foods. Everyone used to do it!

We make Kombucha in a fermenting jar like this one. It’s a great fizzy drink, packed with probiotics, so you can throw away those pills and funny yoghurts. You’ll just need a culture to get you going.


We mill whole grains, retaining all those essential B vitamins that help us fight pollution and feel on top of our game. Buying whole grains is also cheaper than buying flour or porridge oats and everything tastes better!

We use this Fidibus 21 from Austria and we love it.

Clean Water

One of the most important things we’ve learned is that water is the carrier of life and having clean, energised water is the foundation for good health.

We do everything we can to remove the chlorine, fluoride and other nasties. In the Light Centre our water machine is 100% pure. At home we use a reverse osmosis filter (re-alkalised) and always carry a non-plastic bottle of it with us when we go out.


It’s tempting to reach for crisps and dried snacks, especially on a trip or when watching a film, but shop-bought snacks are often dead foods and usually full of saturated fats, salt and other additives.

We throw slices of sweet potato or beetroot or kale leaves in the dehydrator and ‘hey-presto’ we’ve got an endless supply of tasty veggie snacks. The kids love them too!

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