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If you’d like to contribute an article you think our subscribers might like to read in our online ‘Healthy Living Magazine’ you can submit it for consideration here.

Also, if you’re running a Special Offer Click Here to send us the details.

Deadline for next submissions: TBC.
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The articles that do best are the ones that give something away for free; Advice or Tips or something that the readers can ‘use’ without having to buy anything. We want to avoid articles that are simply ads for your services as that is not the purpose of the magazine. An article from you sharing your knowledge, tips and advice shows that you are an expert in your field and asds value to potential clients. 

Ideal Blog Length

We recommend keeping the article between 500-1000 words. There are lots of opinions on what is the ideal Blog length and there are pros and cons to short vs. long. Read more about this here. It’s fascinating! 


Please fill in this form as requested. It is important that summaries of articles are presented in a format that makes it easy to copy and paste into the magazine without needing to be edited.

Please note: These submissions must be online links as the newsletters cannot accommodate a full article. Ideally these will be hosted on your own website or blog. We cannot include the full article in the newsletter itself. If you don’t have your own blog speak to us as we may be able to add it to the Light Centre’s. 

Of course, as with any publication, not everything can be included. Once you’ve sent us the details we will take it into consideration and let you know if it will be used.

If you have a specific image you’d like us to use with your article please email it to

Submit Your Article

Submit any special offers you’d like to include in the next ‘Healthy Living Magazine’ here. These will also be posted to your therapist’s profile page on our websites. (If you’re a Monument therapist please add these to your profile page yourself)

Please make sure you include an end date to your offer to ensure that it only runs for your intended period.

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