Having a successful practice is more than just being a well qualified and competent therapist. Marketing, Customer Relations and Networking are key to building and developing your business.

No other centre offers practitioners such a huge range of resources and support than the Light Centre.

Below, Mark Thompson, the owner and founder of the Light Centre, explains the basic key areas of building and developing your practice.


Below are all the resources you may need for a successful practice at the Light Centre.
Feel free to download the PDFs for your reference.
If you have any specific questions please contact the Practitioner Manager Theresa at

First steps

Once you’ve signed a contract perhaps the 2 most important things to do first are:

1. Website Profile

Having a profile on our websites is key. Without it cannot be introduced as a new therapist and you cannot contribute to the ‘Healthy Living Magazine’. But more importantly you will not be seen by potential clients.

2. A5 Therapist Leaflet

Other therapists have reported they often receive enquiries through the printed leaflets on display in the reception areas. These are a paid-for item but worth considering. 

A5 Therapist Leaflet Samples

Get involved

Additional Paid-for Marketing

Social Media Guides


Health and Safety

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