In order to get you on the website please fill in this form with as much detail as possible.


Please give as much detail as possible. We find that having specific details can help your clients better understand what you do and what to expect.  

Your Profile Photo

All profiles must have a photo. Ideally this should be a clear head-and-shoulders shot of your (or a company logo, although from our experience a warm and friendly headshot is better).

Remember your photo is like your ‘packaging’ so it should reflect you as a professional therapist. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good quality photo for your profile. As such we suggest avoiding holiday photos and prefer ones that give a sense of professionalism and quality service. 

That said, you don’t need to spend lots of money getting professional photos if you can’t afford it. Most smartphones these days have amazing cameras and getting a friend to help you take a good, well-lit, photo against a neutral background can be just as good.

Photo Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Don’t stand directly under overhead lights as it can create strong shadows
  • Don’t stand in front of windows as the back-light will wash you out
  • Stand a good couple of feet away from walls behind you to avoid shadows
  • Stand facing windows – this can give great natural, even lighting
  •  Wear clothes that are appropriate for your services or that show you as a professional, competent therapist.
  • Think ‘Warm‘, ‘Inviting‘, ‘Caring‘ and don’t worry about just smiling. You’ll get a better shot if you think about your ideal client standing in front of you rather than a camera!
  • Get your friend’s opinions as they know better what you look like than you. We all tend to choose the shots that make us look like what we want to look like, not who we are. Avoid moody, model-like shots. They don’t always best represent your services.

Photo Requirements

  • You photo should be NO SMALLER than 600px wide. If it is too small it will not display correctly.
  • Please name your photo with your full name.
  • Maximum files upload size: 2MB

Going Live

We aim to get new profiles created as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours. Once it is live we will email you a confirmation along with the specific url/s to your profile.

Please note: If you do not receive confirmation of your submission within 3 working days please email us directly at

We recommend using Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers when submitting this form. Please avoid Internet Explorer.

Your Professional Social Media Links:

Max 2MB size. PLEASE SEE PHOTO GUIDELINES TO ENSURE YOUR PHOTO MEETS THE STANDARDS. If your photo is too large this form will not send.

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