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Health, Life & Movement Coaching

Mondays, Marylebone: 0800am - 1400pm

  • Burnout and stress management 
  • Nervous system and emotional health 
  • Pain coaching
  • Movement and breath work  

Assessment 2hours £250

Follow-up £100 (60min)

Follow-up £125 (90min)

£49 Therapy Intro Offer

Shaun is a fully qualified exercise scientist with a postgraduate degree in Human Performance from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. He specialises in burnout prevention and recovery, movement programs for health and emotional resilience training. From a performance background, a national level swimmer and triathlete, Shaun knows what it takes to become an athlete and how to maintain it. What he found in the performance world, of any kind - corporate, sports, busy city life, raising a family -  is that we are not taught how to recover, rest and buffer the effects of stress and emotional disruptions. This led to his own burnout and psychological ill health.

He then went on his own journey, deepening his knowledge in the fields of neuroscience, physiology and human behaviour, building an integrative coaching methodology to support himself and his clients. He combines and tailors his approach to the clients specific needs, using science backed mind-body techniques to bring you back to full health and vitality. These practices include: somatic movement, breath work, emotional and stress regulation. The combination of these practices work best within a framework of lifestyle coaching, as the life you are living will need to be supportive of these new changes and the old stress points can melt away, without hampering your new success. The main goal will be to build these practices into your life, which become part of your daily routine and most importantly, letting go of the things that are not serving you well. 

Shaun is at his best when supporting clients with performance concerns, longevity, stress and burnout, foggy mind, reducing pain and creating a movement plan that keeps you going for longer. He has worked with athletes, corporates, leadership and individuals that want to optimise their potential, through an intentional lens of health and vitality. 

He focuses his own life around these practices and continual education, offering the best support during his programs. He has walked this walk, so you don’t have to and takes out all the confusion: helping you, focus on you.

Areas of speciality:

  • Burnout and stress management 
  • Nervous system and emotional health 
  • Pain coaching
  • Movement and breath work 

What people say:

“I don’t have to accept aches and pains- in fact- I don’t have to have them for long, because my body heals anyway, and I can just enjoy the process and listen to/learn what my body is saying. The more attuned I am, the easier the path (even if I’m working hard at something). One can always do more. It’s good also to learn to do less (when you need to). Thank you!”

“ How much better my lower back felt after one session – It has been quite a journey to loosen it up again after my accident. ”

“ Thank you again Shaun. Another, great session. Amazing how tensions and resistance loosen. I never knew I could feel like this at work. These session have so much depth, I couldn’t believe I felt connected to myself. ”

“I didn’t realise that Shaun had created this whole form of training (being) through his own lived experience and then discovered that there is ample science to support his theories. What Shaun is doing really supports holistic living from a direction I hadn’t previously considered. And the simple idea that if we are in the ‘red’ zone – aka deep in fight or flight – that any learning or training that occurs will be limited in its scope. Because our body is already maxed out worrying about saber tooth tigers!”

How does this work?

If you are not sure, you can book a FREE Discovery Call and no obligation to sign up!

We then do an assessment: This is a 2 hour deep dive session. 

From the assessment, we will then plot your follow-up sessions and plan your program.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Be well. 


All therapists at the Light Centre are self-employed and not employed by the Light Centre. All therapists have suitable qualifications and hold their own insurance. Customers are contracting directly with their therapist and any issues or claims need to be taken up directly with the therapist concerned. Please book with them directly.

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