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Trance mediumship, Trance healing, Reiki

New availabilities during lockdown: 
Mondays 11-2pm at the Lightcentre Belgravia (Reiki session only) 
Tuesday & Wednesday 4pm online session

As a registered practitioner with the CNHC, I can now practice Reiki during the current lockdown. 

All face-to-face sessions will be carried out in line with government guidance, being that I am committed to Standing Up for Standards and am properly qualified, insured and fully compliant with COVID-19 guidance on working safely. 


  • Self love/Self esteem
  • Overwhelm and Fatigue Relief
  • Chronic Illness and Pain Relief
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Distance healing
  • Reiki for children and parents
  • Healing by proxy

Reiki Boost ~ 60 minutes – £85

Trance consultation £85

Trance healing £85

All service are available via Zoom (like skype) ~ 60 minutes – £85
Continuous Distance Reiki £75/Month

With everything happening in the collective, 1:1 sessions are at a reduced price during current UK lockdown.
~ £70/h 


Save the date & book now! 
Tickets are £45 for 2 hours 
Early birds get £10 off Booking by March 10th (USE code EARLY10)

Find out more here

EnergyWorks is Cindy's own blend of healing energies, Tance healing, Reiki, and Trance mediumship, working in synergy with the power of Neutrino energies.

About Reiki
Dr. Mikao Usui founded the modern method of Reiki in Japan in the early 20th century, and it was brought to the West by a Japanese-American woman named Hawayo Takata. Since then Reiki has spread across the world. Reiki, pronounced ray-ki, is an energy technique based on a series of apposition of hands on different parts of the body. It is a non-intrusive holistic therapy based on the transmission of energy through the hands of the practitioner to balance and harmonise body, mind and emotions. People who receive or practice Reiki often say they experience a feeling of warmth, calm and a state of well-being.

During a Reiki session, Cindy will combine Reiki healing energy and her intuitive medical skills. She will first will start the healing process and then blend with your energy to receive intuitive messages. Fully clothed in a comfortable chair or lying  on a massage table with your eyes closed, whichever you prefer, you will feel relaxed and may even drift off to sleep. Some of her clients drift into a light sleep, others speak – let yourself be carried away by your desires and emotions. The sensations are different for each person and occasion. You may feel nothing physically except a state of well-being and relaxation. Some people feel heat, tingling, or have images coming to them. Sometimes the body reacts by sneezing, laughing, creating spasms. Feel free to talk and let your emotions speak during or after the session.

Reiki is a non diagnostic, non manipulative technique that can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine and also with other complementary therapies.


About trance healing
The difference between trance healing and other healing modalities is the state of consciousness of the healer. The more the healer is able to blend with its spirit team the deeper the healing effect. In a trance healing session Cindy will enter an altered state of consciousness to allow my healing guides to step completely forward to do the healing, rather than just channeling the energy through me. The direction that the sitting will take is very much up to those who communicate from Spirit. They  may also take the opportunity to speak directly to your soul or higher self to assist in the healing process.


About trance consultation

Cindy is a trance medium, teacher and qualified therapist, who channels Adam, a being from the higher realm.
Trance sittings offer spiritual guidance on life issues which may help to transform your life. Those who benefit most are interested in getting a spiritual perspective on their work, relationships, life journey, loved ones, challenges. Questions invited.
Trance mediumship is a partnership between a medium and his or her spiritual communicator. The blending of their energies enables the spirit communicator to use a level of control of the medium’s consciousness and their voice box to impart knowledge and guidance. Changes to the voice pattern, inflection and general manner of speech along with changes in facial features can be evidenced. The direction that the trance consultation will take is very much up to those who communicate from Spirit. They may wish to bring forth loved ones who have passed over, speak on a particular subject, engage in philosophical debate, or be prepared to answer any question that you may have. It may be any combination of these things.  

Cindy Theodore
Cindy's awareness of the Spirit World had awoken when she had her first son in 2012. She has been developing her Trance mediumship & healing skills since 2016. She is a Trance medium, healing medium, distance healer and a qualified Reiki Master teacher. Her wide repertoire of skills, which she is continuously expanding and refining, together with her ongoing personal and spiritual development, allows her to offer a truly integrated approach to spiritual healthcare and well-being. Cindy is honoured to serve Spirit and connect you with your loved ones as well as help you along your life path physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She aim to show you how to be free of the programming of society and how to live more squarely in the present moment.

She still regularly attends the Arthur Findlay College and the College of Psychic Studies 

Cindy is  a registered practitioner with the CNHC and the UK Reiki Federation; she is insured with Balens.  

You can read testimonials here


All therapists at the Light Centre are self-employed and not employed by the Light Centre. All therapists have suitable qualifications and hold their own insurance. Customers are contracting directly with their therapist and any issues or claims need to be taken up directly with the therapist concerned. Please book with them directly.

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