Heart Brain coherence – the Amazing Secret to vibrant living

We are all aware of the importance of both the Brain and the Heart in the general function, health and vitality of the body. The Brain via the central nervous system and the endocrine/hormonal system whilst the Heart via bio photonics, sound waves and electromagnetic fields – as well as being part of the endocrine system.

This interaction of the Heart and Brain throughout the mind body mechanism is constantly influenced both internally and externally by our thoughts, emotions and inner and outer realities.

These constant stimuli can result in the loss of the natural Heart Brain coherence – a state that can naturally occur when there is no fluctuation from inner or outer stimuli.

If we perceive fear in a mild or strong manner – from a work or social demand to an acute life-threatening situation – the Heart Brain coherence is adversely affected.

As we go about our daily life the Heart Brain coherence state is constantly being affected, usually in a manner leading to less coherence but sometimes in ways that result in greater coherence perhaps during a Mindfulness meditation or a Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Yoga class.

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