How Meditation Can Help Reduce Anxiety

Ever felt like your thoughts were too loud to focus on work? Or struggled to fall asleep because of a niggling worry? You most likely have, because most of us deal with stress at one time or another during our lives. Some people experience heightened stress levels often, even while going about everyday activities, which is a symptom of clinical anxiety. One of the most effective ways to treat anxiety is through daily mindfulness and meditation practice.

So, what exactly is meditation? While interest around meditation has rapidly grown in the last decade, many are still in the dark about how beneficial the practice can be to mental health. This article offers a brief introduction to meditation and a handful of science-backed ways it is proven to aid better mental health. Read More

Sukh Padda practices Japanese Integrated Therapy (inc Acupuncture, Body Balance, Cranial-Sacral), Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture, Nutrient IV Infusions, Vitamin Injections, Detox Programs, Food Sensitivity Testing, DNA Nutrient Testing, Blood Tests at Light Centre Belgravia. See his profile


Physiotherapy rehabilitation after a COVID-19 infection (MSK and respiratory) and Intensive care unit stay.

The father of the director of Excellence Physiotherapy contracted COVID-19 and was urgently admitted in Intensive Care Unit where he was put on ventilator assisted breathing for more than a month.

When he finally came out of coma, he had lost a lot of muscle mass and had problem breathing like most patients in his case.

To help him with the recovery, Excellence Physiotherapy team created a strict rehabilitation protocol that they now offer to other patients who had suffered from corona virus infection. Read More

Excellence Physiotherapy practices Msk, women’s health and paediatric Physiotherapy & osteopathy at Light Centre Belgravia, Moorgate. See their profile

Immune Health and Covid-19

Our immune system is intelligent, reactive, and highly effective at protecting us from external invaders such as viruses and other foreign (to our own tissues) organisms.

We are not helpless in the face of exposure to the COVID virus as our immune system has evolved over millions of years to protect us against multiple and continual assaults against our biological integrity.

While there is no single one factor that will treat or prevent the virus there are multiple strategies that are worth implementing to optimise our immune function. Read More

Monique Stone practices Nutritional Therapy, Alexander Technique at Light Centre Moorgate. See her profile

‘Bad Eggs’? Really??

We are too quick to blame fertility issues on egg quality, which causes an incredible amount of heartache for someone trying to conceive.

In many cases this presumption is far to premature, there are many other reasons for fertility issues, as this article explores. Read more

Alexandra O’Connor is a Fertility Acupuncture Specialist & Fertility Mentor, specialising in Unexplained Infertility. Support and Preparation for Conception, Pregnancy & Birth. at Light Centre Moorgate. See her profile

The Secret of Self-Care

We beat ourselves up for not being up to the standard. Often forgetting who set this standard for us. We are very good at criticising ourselves. At pointing our flaws. We are good at creating pain and imbalances in our bodies, minds and souls.

We punish ourselves for not being perfect. We punish ourselves for not eating a perfect diet, not having perfect exercise regime, even for not having time to relax on a yoga mat as we are too tired to participate in a relaxation session…

What if I tell you that there is a different, more gentle way? Read More

Dr Klaudia Raczko practices Holistic Health, Functional Medicine, Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine, Gut Health, DNA, Hormonal, Nutritional Tests at Light Centre Monument.  See her profile

How to keep kids active at home

One of the most difficult aspects of the lockdown has been to be suddenly stuck at home managing to work from home while re-inventing your daily family routine.

For those with children, one massive challenge is to keep them busy (and studying) while you are working. Various people have adopted different strategies – some parents take turns between online meetings and video calls during their shifts, some booked online gym classes for kids and some creative families have managed to create a home playground between the living room and the garden.

I’m sure parents have learned a lot about their kids’ general daily physical activity needs during this time, and I’m sure many have tried to improvise while at same time questioning themselves whether they are on the right path right path. Read More

Alessio Barone practices Physiotherapy distance healing, craniosacral, chronic pain management, jaws muscles release, visceral manipulations, connective tissue massage, chakra energy healing, Chinese/Indian acupressure at Light Centre Moorgate.   See his profile

5 ways to manage stress with Ayurveda

What is stress? I am sure you would not disagree that stress is undeniably indefinable. One way to understand stress is a psycho-physiological response within the body to some physical, emotional or environmental stimulus.

The Ayurvedic approach to stress and most health concerns is based on an imbalance the energetic properties – the doshas (vata, pitta kapha). Stress is Ayurveda is seen predominantly as a disturbance to our vata dosha, the energy of movement.

Continuously fine-tuning the balance of vata is the key focus of managing stress in the body and mind as well as support wellness and longevity.  Read More

Geeta Vara practices Ayurvedic Health Consultations at Light Centre Belgravia. See her profile

Micronutrients – should I use supplements?

When it comes to diet and exercise plans we hear a lot of buzz words and talk about “calculating your macros” but do we really know what we are putting in to our bodies and why? Particularly when it comes to the micro-nutrients, aka vitamins and minerals! Obviously, these are essential for the functionality and health of ALL our tissues.

So, the big question here is; should you supplement? 

The short answer for most of us is; probably.  Read more

Ruth Larkin practices Sports massage, Pilates and nutrition at Light Centre Monument. See her profile

Can You Train Your Brain To Build Muscle?

If we really think about it, everything starts with our mind. If we are motivated we tend to eat better, look after our mental health & the opposite if we don’t. The mind responds to two things, the words and the images we feed it.

Here is a quick exercise; imagine holding a lemon in your hand, feeling the texture of the sink, then imagine cutting that lemon in half, then picking up one half and licking it. Did you start to salivate?

This is how Mental Imagery Therapy works in achieving your goals. Read More

Ermina Isanvic practices Hypnotherapy and mental imagery therapy at Light Centre Belgravia and Monument.  See her profile


Online Physio. £30 for 30 mins

Neil Walker

We are offering online Physiotherapy and Work Station Ergonomic Assessments for £30 for 30mins appointments. Great for giving advice on any new injuries or rehab exercise programmes together with checking out your home working set-ups.

Valid from 15 Jun 2020 to 31 Aug 2020

FREE Guided Meditation

Ella Carey
Nutrition , EFT, Coaching

Free guided meditation group on a Tuesday eve 7:30-9, to help you relax during this challenging time.

Valid from 16 Jun 2020 to 30 Jun 2020


10% OFF Physiotherapy and Osteotherapy

Excellence Physiotherapy
MSK, Women’s health, Paediatric Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

£10 off any physiotherapy & osteopathy session at the light centre Moorgate and Belgravia. For msk, women’s health and paediatrics

Valid from 01 Jul 2020 to 31 Jul 2020

Reiki Distance Healing. Only £25

Michael Kaufmann
Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki Distance Healing with simultaneous video-call connection via Skype or Zoom or FaceTime. Half and hour for £25.

Valid from 29 Jun 2020 to 18 Dec 2020

'Harness your Power' program. 50% OFF

Ella Carey
Nutrition , EFT, Coaching

July 4th offer

50% off Cultivate Energy, Harness Your Power (6 week program)

Discover your bio individual health needs, learn to translate your body’s communication system, and become the master of your own health.

Valid from 01 Jul 2020 to 11 Jul 2020


Physiotherapy video consultation

Excellence Physiotherapy & Osteopathy
Physiotherapy, Osteopathy for Women, Pregnancy, Postnatal, Men, Babies, Elderly, Pilates, PT

We are offering Physiotherapy video consultation for MSK , Women’s health and Paediatric Physiotherapy Online.

Valid from 17 Jun 2020 to 31 Oct 2020

£25 OFF Stress and Anxiety Management

Sam Baker
Counselling CBT Stress and Anxiety Management

I am currently offering online therapy sessions via Zoom for £50/hour (usually £75 for 50 minutes).

Whilst this isn’t the ideal medium for therapy my clients have continued to benefit from our sessions.

In the current situation many people are feeling anxious and stressed and that is one of my specialities.

Please call or email me to arrange a brief chat and I’ll see what I can do to help you.

Valid from 22 Jun 2020 to 31 Jul 2020

£30 OFF Online Hypnotherapy and NLP

Michael Kaufmann
Reiki Distance Healing

Hypnotherapy and NLP online via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. One hour for £60 (normally £90).

Valid from 29 Jun 2020 to 18 Dec 2020

Free Myovision Spinal Scan

Tracy Elroy

Free Myovision Spinal Scan worth £75 with your osteopathy booking. Non invasive, safe and effective.

Myovision Scan – Surface EMG measures the electrical impulses generated when a muscle contracts. It functions in the same manner as an ECG for your heart but is even more sensitive. It provides an objective means of quantifying an important measure of spinal health. See website or book a Discovery call for further details.

Valid from 01 Jul 2020 to 30 Sep 2020

15% OFF Physiotherapy

Alessio Barone

15% off on 1 hour sessions.

Valid from 01 Jul 2020 to 31 Jul 2020

Holistic Functional Medicine. 10% OFF

Dr Klaudia Raczko
Functional Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Nutrition

10% off the Holistic Functional Medicine Packages

Valid from 29 Jun 2020 to 31 Jul 2020

Powerful through Posture Pain Free Coaching in 90 days

Tracy Elroy

I’m looking for 5 success driven, high performing professionals Who Want their best posture; be pain free, level up their energy, increase confidence, and performance at work, in exercise or sport. Stay Active!

I’m opening a high level-coaching program for deskbound professionals (partly online) looking to

a) Resolve chronic back pain

b) Improve posture and spinal health (measurable results)

c) Maximise resilience to stress (measurable results)

d) Level up their energy and performance at work in activity or sport.

I’m looking for some case studies in exchange for a RADICAL discount.


Must be willing to:

a) Commit to the program and provide feedback

b) Follow my exercise, postural correction program and nutrition advice

c) Allow me to Share Your Results for Promotional value (anonymously if you prefer).

You must also be willing to train alone for 5x per week (15-20 minutes Pilates, Neuro-movement and Yoga rehabilitation exercises).

I’ll coach you and hold you accountable online, to reduce your visits to The Light Centre for treatment

Book a Free Discovery Call via email


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