Work, life and stress - getting the balance right

Work/life balance is something we often hear about but what does this really mean?  In fact, work-related stress has become a leading contributor to many physical health concerns, ranging from high blood pressure to auto-immune disorders, to say nothing of its toll on relationships and people’s emotional health.

Keeping your stress levels to a minimum and prioritising self-care may be the single most important lifestyle change you can make to improve this balance.

In this article, Julia Briscoe explores practical steps you could take to getting the balance right. Read More

Julia Briscoe practices Reflexology, Coaching, Stress & Health Management at Light Centre Monument. See her profile

Gut Health 1 - Let's talk about Gut Health

We all know that Gut Health is important, and not looking after your gut can lead to all sorts of ailments and diseases.

In this video Brianan Dolan talks about the treatments and supplements that can really help and which well known ones you may just be wasting your money on, and what you can do instead. Watch the video

Brianan Dolan is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Colon Hydrotherapist, GAP certified Practitioner, Nutritionist and Naturopath at Light Centre Monument. See her profile

Gut Health 2 - Accupressure Reflexology

Good digestion is important for the absorption of nutrients which help keep skin, hair, nails, muscles and bones healthy.
But its more than that, in fact most of your immune system is in your gut, so if it’s sluggish, your immunity can be compromised. 
How does  Acupressure Reflexology help?
Acupressure Reflexology can be of significant benefit to you when trying to pin point areas in your body that are not working as they should be.
A series of Acupressure Reflexology treatments can help to increase blood flow and stimulation to the digestive system and decrease stress to that area of your body. Read More

Shameen Contractor practices Reiki, Reflexology and Zone Face Lift at Light Centre Moorgate. See her profile

Ancient Traditions of Tongue Scraping

Have you noticed a stickiness in your mouth or a thick white coating on your tongue when you wake up in the morning? This is an accumulation of metabolic toxins that form overnight.

Tongue scraping is a yogic and ayurvedic ritual that our resident practitioner Geeta Vara grew up with to remove this toxic. She believes that this is an essential component to our daily morning cleansing rituals as part of the quest to maintain good gut health from the outset.

Read more about the benefits of this morning cleansing ritual. Read more

Geeta Vara is an Ayurvedic Consultant at Light Centre Belgravia. See her profile



March 2019 is packed with events in the sky which influence our daily life quite intensely.

You probably have heard about Mercury retrograde causing chaos with our communication and technology, but did you know that the planet Uranus is now taking us towards a new direction that will last for seven long years?

To know more read the article and send me comments if you feel inspired to share how these planets are affecting you personally. Read more

Alex Vitillo is an Awareness Coach, Theta Healer and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher at Light Centre Monument. See her profile

If you could see your future....what would you change today?

If it was possible to see ourselves in 20, 30 years time….and we were clear on what our choices today had created in our bodies and our lives, would you change anything?

We don’t know for certain how our current lifestyle affects our body and it’s ability to thrive in two or three decades time? How could we when the science community only knows 4% of how the universe works (and that includes our bodies)….so 96% is still unknown. We don’t have facts to demonstrate how all our choices influence our health, our wellbeing, our future quality of life. However, what we do have is our awareness. Read more

Sarah Moise practices Access Bars®, Access Body Processes and Nutritional Therapy at Light Centre Monument. See her profile

RecognisING Sexual Issues in Women

‘Sexual issues’ or ‘sexual dysfunctions’ is a general term including a large range of various sexual issues women may encounter.

Dyspareunia, or pain with sexual intercourse is the most common sexual condition suffered by women. But sexual dysfunctions can also include reduced sensations or persistent sensations of arousal.

Learn more about the different sexual problems women can suffer from throughout their life, what are the causes and how pelvic physiotherapy rehabilitation can help. Read More

Mummy’s Physio is part of Excellence Physiotherapy and Osteopathy at Light Centre Moorgate and Belgravia. See their profile

Periods Don't Have To Be Painful

Many woman suffer with pain during their periods. This rain can be greatly reduced by making some simple dietary changes and using herbal remedies. Read More

Siobhán Cosgrave practices Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy at Light Centre Monument. See her profile


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormone disorder that affects one in five women in the UK. It can be devastating to a woman’s self-esteem and quality of life. Many cases are missed because the pill is often prescribed to young women for painful and/or irregular periods and this can mask symptoms. It is often only when you are unable to get pregnant or experience miscarriages that explorations uncover the condition.

Learn all about what’s happening inside, the herbs and supplements that can help and why a diet with a low glycaemic load (known as a low GL diet) is the best place to start. Read more

Micaela Panzavolta is a Naturopathic Nutritionist at Light Centre Belgravia. See her profile


Detox: understandably there is confusion as to what ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ means.

Know this – a box of ‘detox tea’ may contain useful herbs, but they won’t do anything for you unless you are also completely abstaining from the congesting foods in your diet. Read more

Suki Zoe is a Colon Hydrotherapist at Light Centre Belgravia. See her profile


Initial consultation ONLY £40!

Julia Briscoe
Reflexology, Coaching and Stress Management.

60 min session of either Coaching or Reflexology for £50 per session if you block-book 3 sessions at once. Valid 21st March to 21st June

Chakra & Energy wellbeing. ONLY £45!

Alex Vitillo
Awareness Coach, Theta Healer and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Chakra rebalancing and general energetic wellbeing session. 30 minutes for only £45 in person on Monday am from light centre Monument or zoom. Valid 14th March to 14th April

£15 OFF Massage and 1:1 Yoga

Anja Woszczyna
Therapeutic, Deep tissue and Pregnancy massage,
1:1 Private Yoga

£15 off from your initial appointment on massage treatments, pregnancy massage and 1:1 yoga
Valid during April and May 2019

25% OFF Access Bars® and Access Energetic Facelift!

Sarah Moise
Access Bars®, Access Body Processes and Nutritional Therapy

3 x 90 minute Access Bars sessions booked & paid in advance for £285
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Access Energetic Facelift:   
25% discount in March & April – i.e. £75 for 75 minutes

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Siobhán Cosgrave
Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy

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Florence de Crevoisier Fedder
Classical Homeopathy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy

A great opportunity to discover the relaxing effects of Cranio-Sacral Therapy.
Enjoy a 30 min sample session for £25. (Normal fee £40 for adults)
Available 8th April for 1 day only. New clients only.

£10 OFF Akashic readings and healings

Apinder Sidhu
Akashic Records Reading and Intuitive Coaching

Learn more about your life purpose, overcoming any obstacles and get clarity on your soul purpose through engaging with your Akashic Record and receiving healing. Only £50 during April and May

10% OFF Facial Rejuvenation Accupuncture

Maja Jankovic
Accupuncture and Chinese Medicine

10% Off Initial Consultation for the Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

£30 OFF a 6-week Accupressure Reflexology and Colon Cleansing course!

Brianan Dolan
Colon Hydrotherapy

Shameen Contractor
Accupressure Reflexology

A unique holistic approach to good gut health is within your reach. Why not try our 6-week course of combined treatments of Acupressure Reflexology and Colon Cleansing which can lead towards better digestive health and kick start and turbocharge a new healthier you.

Now only £420 (normal price £450). Valid during April 2019

6 Great Offers

Tessa Bali
Reiki Master / Clinical Hypnotherapist / Massage Therapy

Usui Reiki Affirmation Creation & Installation Session, 90 minutes, £111.
(30 minute Affirmation Creation & 60 minute Reiki Installation).

10% off Past Life Regression Therapy when you book with a Signature 90 minute Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Treatment from Tessa.

10% off Clinical Hypnotherapy when you book three sessions.
Clinical Hypnotherapy Consultation is free when over the phone.

Clinical Hypnotherapy – Six Session Package, £510 (usually £570).

Two hour Bliss Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage, £170

2 x 90 minute Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Massages,
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Offers valid during April, May & June

£200 OFF Somatic Body Mapping Course

Natasha Sackey
Body Mapping and Dance Movement Psychotherapy

£25 for a Full 50 minute consultation.
Somatic Body Mapping 6 week Course only £400 (normally £600)
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Dr Klaudia Raczko

Functional Medicine / Nutritional Medicine / Lifestyle Medicine


Laura Jones

Acupuncture / Chinese Herbal Medicine / Cosmetic Acupuncture / Cellulite Therapy / Reiki


Stacy Marx

Integrative Holistic Health Coaching / EFT / Tapping / Functional Lab Testing


Lucia Barbosa Gardiner

Psychotherapy / Counselling / Reiki


Jackie Tan

Osteopathy / Massage (Sports and Deep-tissue)


Tracey Smith

Reflexology and Indian head Massage practitioner


Alexandra Taylor

Hypnotherapy / NLP / Life Coaching


Nancy Madden

Therapy / Cognitive Hypnotherapy / Shamanic Therapy / NLP / EFT / EMDR / EMI & Life Coaching


Sarah Holt

Performance Nutrition and Nutrition Coaching


Inka Oravcova

Massage Therapy / Reiki / Health Coaching & Nutrition


Sonal Patel

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist / Essential Oils Educator 


Miranda Lacaze

Lic. Ac., MBAcC


Florence de Crevoisier Fedder

Classical Homeopathy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy



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