6 Tips for eating more consciously ……and helping the planet

We are more aware than ever of how we, as humans, are negatively impacting the planet.

When we are busy we close off our awareness to the impact our behaviour could be having, such as consuming too much plastic (take away cups, carrier bags, shopping wrapping), using cosmetic products containing micro beads and making unnecessary car journeys when we could walk or avoid altogether. Read more

Sarah Moise practices Energy Medicine – Access Bars & Body processes, Nutritional Therapy at Light Centre Monument. See her profile.

YOUR Herbal Medicine Travel First Aid Kit

Holiday season is approaching when many people will be heading off on adventures; to visit family and friends or to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

What to include in a natural first aid kit really depends on your specific needs and where you are headed but I thought that I would share with you the first aid kit that I always travel with.  I like to be active when I go away and to try all the local delicacies.  I also like to travel light so that also includes my first aid kit. Read more

Siobhán Cosgrave practices Herbal medicine, naturopathy, ayurveda at Light Centre Monument. See her profile.

10 ways to boost your fertility

When you are ready to become a parent, there is no way of exactly predicting how soon you will see a positive pregnancy test.

You can increase your odds of becoming pregnant faster by being your healthiest self, as well as addressing any issues that might be a barrier to baby – making.

Here are some guidelines. Read more

Gabrielle Stephenson practices Acupuncture, deep tissue massage at Light Centre Moorgate, Monument. See her profile

Ayurvedic Conscious Eating Habits

It’s not only what we eat, it’s how we eat that contributes strongly to keeping digestion fired up and toxins at bay.

We must listen to our ‘gut’ and by following simple Ayurvedic eating guidelines we can ensure we give ourselves the best possible chance to connect the dots to our digestive and other health issues. Read More

Geeta Vara practices Ayurveda at Light Centre Belgravia. See her profile

The benefits of Meditation for YOU

I make it my mission to help individuals who are ready to challenge themselves outside their comfort zone, who are ready to take responsibility for their choice, who welcome transformation to help them achieve an extraordinary life, right here, right now. Read more

Alex Vitillo practices Energy Healing at Light Centre Monument. See her profile

Did you get out of bed the right side?

In this article, Julia reflects on rituals, habits and behaviours from an individual’s perspective and asks the question, when do our habits and ‘little ways’ help and when do they hinder us in our thinking?

When does our thinking make us feel ‘stuck’ and what could we do about this?. Read More

Julia Briscoe practices Stress & health management, coaching and reflexology at Light Centre Monument. See her profile

Befriend The Inner Critic

We all have inner critics. They get in the way of our aspirations and potential. They evaluate and comment upon everything we do, every choice we make. They judge our behaviours, our thoughts and feelings. They even judge us a person entirely. Basically, the inner critic talks you out of things that could have been brilliant.

Find out how befriending the inner critic can help you manage the negative voice in your head. Read more

Alexandra Taylor practices Cognitive Therapy / Hypnotherapy / Mindfulness at Light Centre Belgravia and Monument. See her profile

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy and How Does it Work?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern form of talking therapy backed by a wealth of positive research.

Cognitive Hypnotherapists aim to understand how you experience whatever it is that’s bothering you, be it depression; lack of motivation; or whatever has been affecting your life, and help you to take back control of your thinking and therefore your life too. Read more

Nancy Madden practices Cognitive Hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLP, Coaching, EM, EFT at Light Centre Monument. See her profile


It’s common knowledge now that our microbiome affects our mood, that our gut is our second brain and that keeping your colon healthy is key to vibrant longevity – but how is it all connected exactly?

The vagus nerve, that’s how.

Integral to our parasympathetic nervous system, the vagus nerve is the longest, and most important nerve. Read more

Suki Zoe practices Colon Hydrotherapy at Light Centre Belgravia. See her profile

How to treat your C-Section Scar with Physiotherapy

As common as a C-section delivery is, women lack information on the subject and particularly on what to do after they had one.

A C-section, as any surgical intervention requiring incision, will begin its healing process with the formation of a scar. As it doesn’t have the same quality or elasticity as the original tissue, a scar tissue might bring various complications if not treated.

This is why post physiotherapy rehabilitation is necessary, in order to stop symptoms resulting from C-section scars and prevent from further complications. Read more

Mummy’s Physio is part of Excellence Physiotherapy and Osteopathy at Light Centre Moorgate and Belgravia. See their profile

Good health begins as a thought. The mind-body connection

Achieving long-term health is a balancing act where body and mind are interconnected and inseparable.

What you feed your mind has as much of an impact as the food and supplements you feed your body. Many studies have been conducted on the subject of optimism and physical health, all of them highlighting how resiliency or optimism, tend to be linked to better health biomarker.

Here are my 6 tips on how to stay positive..  Read more

Micaela Panzavolta practices Nutritional therapy at Light Centre Belgravia. See her profile.

Arnica Had our Back! How arnica supported a tough journey.

The last 2 years for our family has been surprisingly tough, but there has been an ally that needs recognition of her strength, support and healing properties; Arnica.

Dainty in its natural being, this flower has meant the difference between a day at school or not, the ability to walk somewhere rather than catch a lift, a releaser of tension from carrying school bags not to mention Arnica’s ability to speed up recovery after surgery.

This flower may look fragile, but it’s all a disguise. Arnica is the toughest flower in the patch. Read more

Jo Permaul practices Homeopathy at Light Centre Monument. See her profile.

What are the Akashic Records? How can they assist in our self-transformation journey?

Huge and exciting shifts are happening at an individual and collective level on our planet right now!

We are having the opportunity to remember who we truly are and experience our lives to the full! Getting there requires some deeper level self-transformation work.

As part of this evolution, new channels of addressing our life challenges are now open to us. One of the greatest tools that we have on our planet at the moment is the Akashic Records. Read more

Maggie Sarfo practices Akashic Records, Purpose Development, Transpersonal Therapy at Light Centre Belgravia. See her profile

How Reflexology Can Help With The Menopause

There are two stages to the menopause -the perimenopause and the menopause itself.

The perimenopause lets you know that the menopause is approaching, and may be accompanied by a number of symptoms. These include changes to your feminine cycle, disruptions to your mood and or sleep, vaginal dryness and hot flashes. The menopause may present with similar and additional symptoms including anxiety, fatigue and incontinence. It’s important that you combat your symptoms to suit your lifestyle.

Find out how you can tackle your symptoms and how Reflexology can help with the menopause. Read more

Shameen Contractor practices Reflexology, Reiki, Facial Reflexology, Zone Face Lift, Reflexology for Women’s Health at Light Centre Moorgate. See her profile

Five things i recommend if you are trying to get pregnant

Trying to get pregnant can be an emotional roller coaster. I have seen so many women coming to my practice, desperately wanting to get pregnant, wanting to be “fixed” because “something was wrong with them”.

During the consultation, we discuss at length what is going on with their body: their ovarian reserve, the quality of their eggs, the regularity of their period, whether they suffer from endometriosis or fibroids, what’s their lifestyle like.

But there is one subject I am particularly interested in, one subject they rarely talked about with their doctors and yet, i find very important : what is going on in their mind? What is their belief system? Is there a reason they are not getting pregnant other than an issue with their physical or hormonal body?. Read more

Silene Bricet is an acupuncturist, fertility massage therapist and a reiki practitioner at the master level at Light Centre Monument. See her profile


Bring a friend. Both get £20 OFF

Kaori Murphy
Colon Hydrotherapy

Only £80 for a colonic session per person if you book with your friend & family. (Normally £100) 

Valid June 2019

FREE 15 min exploratory call

Maggie Sarfo
Akashic Records, Purpose Development, Transpersonal Therapy

15 mins complimentary exploratory phone call on Akashic Records or Purpose Development. 

£16 OFF first consultation

Jo Permaul

During June new patients’ first consultation is only £66
(instead of £82). 

£25 OFF initial consultation

Siobhán Cosgrave
Herbal medicine, naturopathy, ayurveda

One hour initial consultation reduced from £65 to £40 
Valid June 2019

20 min Refexology ONLY £25!

Julia Briscoe
Stress and health management, coaching and reflexology

 We don’t always have an hour in our working day to stop and enjoy a treatment yet relaxing increases productivity.

This month, I’m introducing the “Twenty-minute Time-out” – a 20 minute hand & arm or foot reflexology treatment to re-calibrate and set you up for the rest of the day. 
20 minutes – £25 between 08:40 – 11:40 
Valid until 21st August

FREE 30 min initial consultation

Micaela Panzavolta
Nutritional Therapy

Do not miss the chance to know what is preventing you from reaching your optimal wellbeing. If you have any chronic inflammatory condition, or you’ve put on weight or are simply interested in having a chat with a health professional about how to start making positive changes in your life, come for a FREE 30 MINUTES CONSULTATION and learn how nutritional therapy can help you. 

Valid June 2019

Remote Session only £90

Alex Vitillo
Awareness Coach, Theta Healer and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

I am offering remote healing contact me with your trouble via email and I will work on you remotely. You won’t have to move a finger or travel anywhere. I will do the healing for you and send a recorded files with the findings. 
Price £90 via bank transfer. 

This is suited to busy individuals who cannot find time in their daily life to look after themselves. 

Aromatherapy Meditation ONLY £50

Alexandra Taylor
Cognitive Therapy / Hypnotherapy / Mindfulness

45 Minute Aromatherapy Meditation Session Only £50 for June (max 2 people)

Using a complementary blend of Doterra Essential Oils to offer you the most from your meditation experience. Whether you need to ground, relax or energise, there is an oil for you. 

FREE Initial consultation

Nancy Madden
Cognitive hypnotherapy, EMDR, Coaching, NLP, EMI, EFT

Use offer code JUN19 to claim your free initial consultation (30 mins via Skype or phone).

Then only £50 for the first session (60 mins in person) with £20 off a package.
Valid June 2019

6 Great Offers

Tessa Bali
Reiki Master / Clinical Hypnotherapist / Massage Therapy

Usui Reiki Affirmation Creation & Installation Session, 90 minutes, £111.
(30 minute Affirmation Creation & 60 minute Reiki Installation).

10% off Past Life Regression Therapy when you book with a Signature 90 minute Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Treatment from Tessa.

10% off Clinical Hypnotherapy when you book three sessions.
Clinical Hypnotherapy Consultation is free when over the phone.

Clinical Hypnotherapy – Six Session Package, £510 (usually £570).

Two hour Bliss Lomilomi Hawaiian Massage, £170

2 x 90 minute Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Massages,
& 90 minutes Usui Reiki Affirmation Creation & Installation Session.
& 60 minute Reiki Treatment for your friend.
(Sharing is caring).

Offers valid during April, May & June


Virginie Rousseau

Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine


Carey Boothe

Dip.ION, BSc
Colon Hydrotherapist; Massage Therapist


Karen Beaven

IVF Coaching & NLP, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, ‘Soul-Centered’ Leadership.


Peter Dipple

TheraPete: Soft Tissue Therapy


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