Belief Change

How Limited Beliefs hold you back from Manifesting a more brilliant reality.

Limited Beliefs: Catch them. Re-write New Beliefs. Manifest!
A limited belief is a habitual way of thinking about yourself, your reality or of the world, that can be transformed into a new, more helpful belief. This belief-change process alters your vibration as you come into full alignment with your new belief. As a result, your reality changes, as you become more consciously able to manifest what you wish to welcome into your life.

Catching Limited Beliefs.
Catching limited beliefs is the first step on your belief-change journey. You can identify your limited beliefs by listening for ‘NATs’ . A ‘negative automatic thought’ may pop into your mind at any time of the day. Remember to try to notice them and to write them down, so they can be re-written later. We write our own book and forge our own paths, and can re-write beliefs when they no longer serve our higher timeline.

Why re-write New Beliefs?
The integration and grounding of a new belief within ourselves results in us manifesting more of what we do want, as opposed to continuing to manifest more from our old beliefs. Habitual thinking may be safe, but may no longer enable our full potential.

Resistance & Recognising old Limited Beliefs.
We can sometimes feel stuck and attached to limited beliefs, before we move through into our new reality. Resistance can come up and seem to slow our progress. But resistance is the very last step before successful belief-change and manifestation.

Attachment to old ego-lead and fear-based thinking can feel safe, but recognising them as old patterns and habits, means new patterns can become our new firmer foundations. Observing, recognising, accepting and allowing resistance when it comes up, lets us move through into healing and the creation of what we now choose to manifest.

Trust Yourself and the Belief-Change Process.
The art of allowing helps us to release resistance and takes practice. It is honestly helpful to have trust in yourself and to be secure in the knowledge that you are divine and connected to Source at all times. This helps healing belief-change take place. When you are ready to welcome change, you can give yourself space, surrender to fear and trust your journey, with love and support. In an allowing state, we flow, bear witness to what arises in us and trust in the process. We can access deeply-held resistant patterns in the unconscious, practice non-judgement, acknowledge and accept what is, then move through.

Manifesting your Brighter Reality.
Your desires and your beliefs must be a vibrational match in order for you to receive what you desire”. Hicks 2008.

If you desire something but do not believe you can have it, then your vibration does not carry the appropriate resonance for the law of attraction to bring it to you. The Healing InSight Method for Belief Change is an excellent tool for manifestation. It uses ancient principles, clears resistance, lets us practice allowing, and enables your definition of success.

The Power to Choose your New Reality.
It’s impossible to hold two contradictory thoughts in your mind at the same time. Think on that. You cannot drop a pen whilst focusing strongly on squeezing it as tight as you possibly can. What you focus on grows. What we focus on, we attract more of. Our attention affects our vibration. As free beings with the power to choose, it can still take courage to create our new desired realities. The new belief that we are able to surpass old limited beliefs, can help.

Examples of Limited Beliefs, and New Beliefs that can be re-written:
Old belief: “I am destined to be alone” …
NEW BELIEF: “Partnerships enrich my life. I am open to possibility. I find greater strength in relationships.”

Old belief: “I have not found a career I love so I will probably continue this way as it’s okay” …
NEW BELIEF: “I make necessary career changes in order to love my career more and more, which inspires me and those around me. I fly over obstacles. I love my work.”

Old belief: “I am fine living alone so I’m better off this way” …
NEW BELIEF: “I am open, ready and willing to welcome a mate to live beside me. I happily share my home, with love and joy. All is possible.”

Old belief: “I have been hurt in the past so it’s best I stay away from things that will hurt me” …
NEW BELIEF: “I am safe. I surrender to possibility. I am always taken care of and held. Every lesson makes me stronger. All is possible.”

Old belief: “It’s a good idea to keep away from making new friends as I have been hurt before. I have enough friends” …
NEW BELIEF: “I apply sensible caution in new friendships. Friendships enable my limitless potential. My friends and I share and grow together, with loving kindness. It is safe for me to allow new friendly encounters.”

Old belief: “There is no such thing as the partner of my dreams” …
NEW BELIEF: “I focus on what I want in a partner. I patiently look forward to meeting this beautiful soul to share love and happiness with. Miracles and unexpected surprises enrich my life! My partner may not look like I expect him/her to look like.”

Old belief: “I shouldn’t study, I have studied before and that should be enough” …
NEW BELIEF: “My potential awaits me. I study to meet my highest potential. Shared, new knowledge captivates me and those around me.”

Old belief: “The romantic partners in my life always leave me, I don’t expect anything else in the future” …
NEW BELIEF: “The people in my life want to be in my life. Romantic potential is everywhere. I give myself the love I want to receive.”

Old belief: “What I’m doing is not working, so I shouldn’t bother trying” …
NEW BELIEF: “Trying is succeeding. I allow new pathways and possibilities to emerge, and engage with new ways of being. I get closer to succeeding every time I try.”

The Healing InSight Belief Change Method enables self-healing
The Healing InSight method is a new healing method that facilitates your vibrational realignment with new, helpful beliefs.

What ancient principles enable belief change?
A blend of energy healing and energy psychology principles including QigongKinesiologywhole-brain integrationvisualisation and dialogue between the head, heart and gut, enables belief change.

The Wuji principle (an emptiness of form that contains potential) is utilised … helping during the process of alignment with new beliefs.

The method can be used as a tool for daily life or for immersion into deep healing. It enables explorations of your unconscious programs, allowing limits or blocks you are unaware of to come into consciousness, in order to be released.

Ways of Discovering a Limited Belief.
You do not need to know what is holding you back – the Healing InSight Method helps you find the perfect alignment to release resistance and allow expansion.

The “simple method” explores current challenges and feelings in order to discover the limited belief, which you can then shift, replacing it with re-written new beliefs. The Healing Insight Method practitioner guides you through an alignment process, to ground your new beliefs.

The “advanced method” uses muscle testing to test in which chakra your priority beliefs can be found. In order for you to align with your priority beliefs, we first find the aspect within the chakra. We use muscle testing to do so.

The method is a series of standard protocols based on ancient spiritual practice, research and psychology. The method gives a quick shift on stubborn old beliefs – the more you use it, the lighter you feel. It’s effective and has consistently helps people achieve positive belief change.

Change the energy on the inside and your physical body reflects these shifts; you feel better and your outside world reflects the changes back to you. You respond differently, behave and feel differently. Shifting beliefs and perceptions, freeing yourself from guilt, shame, anger and separation. Make way to experience higher vibrations and to experience greater love for life, self and others.

Pain is often a disconnect from who we truly are, our soul self or inner being. The Healing InSight® Method serves in this re-connection, accessing that precious space in which transformation occurs, using intentionattentionhemispheric brain integrationreleasere-alignment and visualisation (developing intuition). I have done the work – many others have, and so can you.

If you need support, Tessa Bali offers the Healing InSight Method which is a 1:1 session at Light Centre, Belgravia, or can be online via zoom. I look forward to working with you.

First session is 90-Minutes.
Then 60-Minutes ongoing.
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