5 Step Process to making big positive life changes

Most of us have things we would like to change about our behaviours to enhance our physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. Often these changes take immense strength, focus and willpower day after day after day. A change for life can be daunting, the thought that, “I will stop doing this for the rest of my life” is often hard to deal with even before we start to implement the change as it is such a huge commitment.

Having tried and failed to eat healthier, do more exercise, have less screen time, stop caffeine, move on from an emotional situation or an unhealthy relationship, there is finally a simple manageable way of making this change.

The way is to use the Reiki principles each day as the foundation and then adding to them to include the change you’d like to make. The magic of living life by the Reiki principles is to do so Just For Today. By making any change Just For Today things so much easier to manage than an overwhelming forever change.

5 Step Process on Making Positive Changes to your life Just For Today:

  1. Take just one significant change, don’t try and change everything at once
  2. Spend time meditating or contemplating on what the benefits of this change will be to you and your loved ones
  3. Write a list of the 5 key benefits of the change and the 5 key issues that not changing will bring. Keep this by your bed or in your handbag or wallet.
  4. Using the Reiki principles of Just for Today as the foundation, create one more line of the mantra that relates to the change you would like to make
  5. Recite this Just For Today mantra and read the benefits and issues in the morning when you wake and in the evening before you sleep. Use the mantra at any point during the day

Once you have embedded the change your life you can add another line to your daily mantra to help change the next big thing you would like to.

The Reiki Principles that form the basis for the Just For Today change can be found by clicking here.

Written by Ameet, Reiki Master Teacher and Mindfulness Coach at ReikiMindfulness

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