Consciousness Expansion & Inner Evolution

The “True Nature” of our Consciousness is continually seeking to express more fully through the physical incarnation and all aspects of our creation.

This is the natural expression of Consciousness but it can become restricted by various aspects of daily life. Some of these restrictions are belief systems and patterning controlled via the mind mechanism – which is constantly seeking to protect us from the unknown future potential with stored past experience data.

Once you become more aware of these stored past experiences or of the effects of everyday life and how this impacts your reality experience at all levels, you can choose to work with this to bring about conscious ways of experiencing your reality rather than functioning unconsciously.

So how can you detect if your Consciousness is trying to expand?

Signs of Consciousness Expansion include but are not limited to:

  • Searching for a Deeper Meaning or Knowing
  • Inner Drive to find greater Life Purpose
  • Increasing Intuition & Synchronicity
  • Curiousity to Explore Inner & Outer Realities
  • Spontaneous Awakening & the associated increase in Awareness
  • Desire for more Clarity

When any of these signs of Consciousness Expansion begin to arise, especially if it is repeatedly occurring, then the active engagement in Consciousness Expansion methods can allow this potential to blossom into your physical expression sometimes in a profound way.

The evolutionary process of Consciousness Expansion cannot be stopped but the speed of its flow can be restricted or expanded depending on how you work with it.

Working with this evolution leads to the “flow state” where everything falls into place effortlessly in amazing ways beyond expectation in a flurry of synchronicity. In contrast, restricting this evolution can lead to internal conflict as beliefs try & resist or hinder the new expansions from emerging.

If one decides to actively support their Consciousness Expansion there can be great satisfaction in catalysing this evolution which results in a positive and fuller life experience in all its various expressions.

This process naturally results in a greater awareness of oneself and the multi-dimensional reality we exist within.

Activate & Catalyse your Consciousness Expansion with our Lucia No3 – Consciousness Expansion programmes which are designed to assist in developing your expansion and awareness through a variety of methods.

There are different options available and you can go at your own pace.

More information about Lucia No 3 – Lucid Light Experience sessions

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