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What happens when you combine Reiki and Gong? We tried it to find out.

Innovation in therapies isn’t just about discovering new hi-tech ways of improving well-being. At the Light Centre in Marylebone 2 of our established therapists decided to combine their traditional specialisms to provide a unique experience to our clients.

Jeanette and Ameet met in 2021 as the second lockdown eased in England and the Light Centre Marylebone first opened. Jeanette provides Gong and Yin Yoga at the centre and Ameet is our resident Reiki Master Teacher and Mindfulness Coach.  They offered each other the chance to experience their specialisms and it was through this that they came up with the seed of an idea to combine the energy healing of Reiki with the sound healing of Gong.

Over the coming months they talked about and practiced ways of bringing these 2 established and traditional therapies together.

The Gong is an ancient instrument, and we can only speculate on where it might first have appeared, it could have been as early as the Bronze age (Circa 3000 BC or 2000 BC). The gong was first mentioned at the beginning of the sixth century in China, they described the gong’s origin to a culture farther west. Historians believe it might be in northwest India, now known as Afghanistan. It is described by European writers in the 1600s even if it didn’t become part of Western music until much later.

We might not know exactly when it all started; however, it has played an important part in world music for thousands of years. We can see the gong all over the world, coming with its own unique characteristics. Some of them might be with a flat surface and a high pitch, some thicker, some larger, some slightly more concave-convex. They can come in all kinds of beautiful shapes and forms.

Jeanette first experienced the gong in New York when entering her first Kundalini Yoga class, and the sounds of the gong felt like coming home. Gong quickly became an instrument she couldn’t get enough of. After finishing her Yoga Teacher Training, she focused on her Gong certification with the Gong Master Mehtab Benton.

The history or Reiki is somewhat clearer in that it is a Japanese form of energy healing that was founded by Mikao Usui. That said energy and hands-on healing can be found in many ancient traditions around the world from Shamanism and Chi to Buddhism and Native American healers. Mikao Usui, himself was trained in Tendai Buddhism, Kiko and Shugendo Zen. Some say that he combined and enhanced the techniques of these traditions in creating Reiki.

Today we have 2 key forms of Reiki; the Japanese tradition, and the Western tradition which was taught by a Japanese woman called Hawayo Takata who lived in Hawaii and has Reiki lineage going back to Mikao Usui himself.

Ameet’s passion for energy healing started when he experienced it as a young boy from his grandmother who used hands-on healing to help family and friends. In his teens he experienced it again in India and the effects were truly profound for him. His journey continued as he sought formal professional training in energy healing, he is trained and experienced in both Japanese and Western forms of Reiki which he combines during sessions.

When we asked Ameet what it was that made them want to bring Gong and Reiki together he said, “Well firstly both these practices work on an energy level that focuses on the Chakra system within, and this makes them the perfect complement. So, Jeanette and I co-ordinate throughout the experience to ensure that the power of the Gong and the Reiki are synchronised to each of the client’s chakra. The other thing is that on an experiential level one adds another dimension to the other.”

Jeanette added, “If you have had the pleasure of listening to the sound of the gong before or having a Reiki session, you’ll know both all about the inner experience. Each time is unique in itself, and it’s a journey with the possibility to heal and transform, both physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s taken time and effort for us to bring Gong and Reiki together so neatly, but it’s been so worth it. It’s always an absolute joy to talk to our clients after a session and listen to their positive experience of it. That makes it so worthwhile.”

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