Health, Relaxation & Brain Wave states

Have you had the following 2 thoughts or something of a similar nature recently?

“There is so much to do”

“Time just seems to disappear”

If so you might be interested to know a little more about the relationship between Health, Relaxation & Brainwave states.

In an increasingly busy and exponentially expanding world knowing how to maximise your downtime is such a priceless skill especially as it is directly linked to your Health & Wellbeing.

When we are fully engaged in focused, fast thinking activities the Beta brainwaves are high (12-35 Hz).

Whilst this is great for achieving objectives and striving towards our desires, to maximise the benefits of our relaxation and downtime the Alpha (8-12 Hz) and Theta (4-8 Hz) brainwaves are desirable.

In Alpha brainwave states the Body and Mind are in a state of deep relaxation which allows the immune system & cellular activity to be released from the effects of stress. Alpha brainwaves states also lead to creativity as well as problem solving abilities.

Whilst the Theta brainwave state is achieved by everyone in sleep – advanced meditators, artists and highly creative people can access this state during wakefulness.

The other brainwave states are Delta (0.5-4 Hz), Gamma (38-200+ Hz), Epsilon & Lambda.

Neuroscientist Dr Jeffrey Fannin writes that,

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