Holding space for fertility with Reiki

Holding Space for Fertility

What was considered the most natural phenomenon for humans, having our own little offspring, has become one of the most daunting experiences today.

Whether it’s trying to conceive naturally or using the aid of medicine via IVF, couples seem to be going through massive emotional roller coasters.  ‘Unexplained infertility’, ‘continuous miscarriages’  are terms used more often lately than ever before.

So what has changed?

Our lifestyles, our mindset.  Our views on relationships, our bodies, and on conception.  We have more choices; we exercise more choices.

The impact?

Losing connection with our body, our mind, our inner voice.

Our world, as it has rapidly been changing in the last few decades, thanks to human progress and development, has provided us with too many options.  We have allowed ourselves to be distracted by them, and for many of us, this has resulted in a lack of self-care.  By this I mean, a lack of inner connectivity.  We see having children as ticking one more thing off our checklist in life and are filled with a sense of arrogance – that we can tell our body what to do when we want, and if that doesn’t work, there’s always medical intervention.  We attempt to ‘control’ our body, to which it then retaliates.

The holistic and mindful journey to conception

Conception, gestation and childbirth are some of the most divine experiences in one’s life, and we need to approach it with a holistic and nurturing midset.  We need to reconnect with our body, nurture it and cease putting expectations on it.  We need to work with our body without laying our demands on it.

  • Slow down from your busy schedule.
  • Spend time on self-care.
  • Be mindful of what your body is saying to you.
  • Nourish it with what it needs:  a healthy routine; rest; nutrition; exercise; unconditional love; positive mindset; positive environment.

I support my clients on this path to first go through their own healing and balancing.  I  ensure that they’re engaged with the needs of their mind and body and take full responsibility for their inner health.  We do this through meditations, breathwork and reiki healing.

Together, we create space withinemotionally, mentally and physically.  As they leave balanced, connected and filled with inner calm, they are ready to embark on bringing another wonderful life into their world, be it naturally or through intervention. This path is experienced peacefully with an openness and a sense of surrender.

The IVF Journey

  • I hold space throughout the IVF journey at these crucial stages:
  • Before you begin… preparation
  • Prior to collection
  • The day of or days following transfer
  • All through gestation as required


Client testimonials

‘After years of unexplained infertility and nearly 3 years of IVF failures, I am pregnant naturally ??. I do really believe you put me on the right track to change my mindset and elevate myself. It has not been easy all the time but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ – A. LP

‘At last!!!!  born this morning around 05.40am.  We are doing great!
Thanks a million for making this miracle happen and to have facilitated the arrival of that little soul to me when I had surrendered. I am so grateful, Anupa.’

All in Sync

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