Covid Fatigue Syndrome

Post-Covid Fatigue syndrome. What you need to know about lymphatic system and how Lymphatic Drainage can help

For the last decade lymphatic health has been tipped to be the next frontier in wellness as we all look for ways to reduce inflammation and super-charge our immune system. Many studies demonstrate that lymphatic drainage is needed not only for lymphedema/lipoedema but also for a variety of other health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, post-viral chronic fatigue, IBS and inflammatory bowel diseases, chronic sinusitis, migraines and many other health conditions caused by poor lymphatic drainage and poor detoxification processes.

Full recovery after coronavirus disease (Covid-19) might be very long with extreme fatigue and other reported symptoms such as muscular aches and pains, swollen lymph nodes, general myalgia, depression and anxiety, insomnia, breathlessness, brain fog, bad memory, difficulty reading and decreased focus and concentration. Many of people have been diagnosed with PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Here is analysis what causes poor lymph drainage and the link between it and post Covid -19 complications.

Scientists have found that through the cribriform plate, which is a part of ethmoid bone, above the nasal cavity, there are olfactory nerves going through the little perforations. Olfactory nerves are surrounded by blood vessels and have spaces around them, called perivascular spaces, and these spaces contain cerebral spinal fluids. Cerebral spinal fluids drain out of the brain through these spaces into the lymphatic system. If these fluids do not drain efficiently, they build up in the different parts of the brain, in the limbic system. Thus, the thalamus, the base of ganglia and hypothalamus are affected by the toxin overload.

The hypothalamus is called the mother of the whole hormone system, as it controls the pituitary gland that controls the adrenals and thyroids. Basal ganglia produces lots of different neurochemicals, including gamma – aminobutyric acid, which is considered as an inhibitory neurotransmitter and pain suppressant. If the lymph drainage is poor or doesn’t work at all, the fluids fill up that part of the brain leading to inflammation and pain. This is what is happening in people with fibromyalgia.

The thalamus, together with the ganglia and hypothalamus are all the part of the limbic system, the emotional side of the brain. So, poor lymph drainage from the hypothalamus and prefrontal areas affect emotions and cognitive function, making people feel depressed and anxious, and with “foggy brain”. The thalamus produces the chemical called NMDA, which is associated with memory and cognitive impairment.

Health experts emphasise the importance of full body lymphatic drainage, including head and face in order to drain off toxins through the lymphatic pathways.The lymphatic system is a living system which has sympathetic nerves controlling it.  And, the hypothalamus itself controls the whole autonomic nervous system, including the sympathetic nervous system as well. If hypothalamus is congested with the toxic fluids, it causes autonomic disturbance and this effects the main duct of the lymph, thoracic duct, causing more toxicity and damage for all bodily organs and cells.


Post COVID chronic fatigue syndrome is due to the damage to olfactory sensory neurones, causing reduced outflow of cerebrospinal fluid through the cribriform plate and nasal passages, and further leading to the congestion of the glymphatic system with subsequent toxic build-up within the central nervous system. The spine and spinal cord are affected as well as they are the continuation of the brain. The increase of toxicity, inflammation and inflammatory toxins leads to chronic fatigue and lethargy.

People with post-Covid-19 fatigue syndrome may benefit from cerebrospinal fluid drainage by restoring glymphatic transport and waste removal from the brain. Gentle manipulation of the soft tissues of the head, face, neck, back, chest and gentle stroking lymphatic techniques activate the lymphatic drainage and the elimination of bacteria and toxic debris, and restore the healthy flow of lymph and cerebrospinal fluids.

A smooth, uninterrupted lymphatic flow is essential for body and brain health. It leads to a reduction of sympathetic overdrive and enables the autonomic nervous system to stay in balance. Deep and restorative sleep greatly improves after lymphatic drainage treatment.

And, finally health experts came to the conclusion that virus is only the trigger of post -viral fatigue syndrome. The problems of the lymphatic system with a poor body detoxification process is the root cause of all the symptoms of this complex and long – term condition.


– A healthy and nutritious diet. Eliminate all inflammatory foods from your diet including processed foods, dairy, sugar and refined carbohydrates, gluten, shellfish and canned foods. Include more non-starchy, organic vegetables, fruits, legumes, healthy fats, lean meats and fish.

– Keep well hydrated, drink lot of fluids.

– Have a regular lymphatic drainage treatments. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluid, viruses and bacteria as well as encouraging fluid circulation and cell regeneration.

Create a healthy sleeping routine. If you have difficulty sleeping meditate before the bed or try acupuncture as an alternative therapy

– Move around slowly during the day, go for a walk.

– Speak with your nutritionist about taking additional vitamins, minerals and amino acid, or having IV vitamin drip therapy.



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