How to boost your immune system with hand reflexology, before the winter sets in

In China it is all about staying well, they don’t have access to our amazing western health care systems. So they work reflexology points on their hands and feet to stay well. Primarily the reflexolgy points targetting the tonsils and spleen. Other systems as well, but let’s focus on these for now.

Here are some quick and easy techniques to work on the key points on your hands and feet, when you have a free moment…

  • These techniques are quick and easy
  • Use your thumb or second finger, which ever is most comfortable for you, massage gently to start with and increase the pressure but it should not be uncomfortable
  • Work in little circles, if a point is tender, lighten the pressure and stay on the spot. All for about 15 seconds, or more if you like but don’t go mad
  • Best done daily, make it a routine if you can, like brushing your teeth. So easy to work the points on your hands when on a train, waiting at the checkout and I am sure you will find other times to work them
  • Research has shown that regular reflexology boosts white blood cell counts, clinically proven!




Tonsils are the lymph glands in the throat. Very easy to do on your thumbs, you will have to take your socks and shoes off to work them on your feet! Tonsils can be found just below the first joint of the thumb or the ‘great toe’, as we call it. On either side of the neck of the thumb or great toe, blue spots on the hand below, both feet and hands


The amazing SPLEEN:


The Spleen houses antibody-producing lymphocytes and monocytes which remove antibody coated bacteria, this promotes healing. It can be found on the left hand and foot only, on the palm of the hand and sole of the foot. The diaphragm is marked in green, this the umbrella shaped strong muscle that ensures we breath! It is above the soft fleshy and ticklish part of sole of your feet. Just below it, on the left only is the spleen, marked red

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