Individual and collective mutation

Over the last decades many spiritual teachers and psychic mediums have spoken about the New Earth, the Golden and Diamond energy. We are currently experiencing a pivotal moment for humanity, an important transformation; a mutation. Our level of consciousness is rocking. We are moving from an individual consciousness to a collective consciousness.

To survive as a civilisation, we must radically change the way we operate. We have to move from an operation based above all on reasoning, analysis and intellect to one where emotions are more taken into account, where feeling dethrones thoughts and where doing takes its source in Being.

This new mode of functioning implies a new self-awareness. This awareness extends beyond anything you can imagine. It includes all, integrates all and crowns all. It is self-awareness as Being. This awareness undoes the belief that I am a born-on-date person with a story and recognizes that who I am is beyond my story and my social identity.

What I am is precisely I AM. I am who is.

I am what feels the experiences.

I am the source and the end of everything. Everything is born and dies in me.

The old way of working is for experiences to come to me.

The self in question here is an identity forged from scratch by society. If this social identity really exists, the mistake is to believe that I am this social identity.

The time has come to try something else, we have nothing to lose. The other means have proven their limits. The results speak for themselves. In this moment, leave the space of your head and stop to feel. Feel the emotion that lives in you, the energy that circulates in your body, listen to your inner voice and take the risk of opening your heart. See that life is much simpler than you have thought so far. You could regain your innocence and your childlike freshness and start to believe that life on earth is a privilege.

I don’t know if you feel it too, but the energies have been particularly dense these last few months and they may still be so for you. There is an energetic descent now, like a great golden shower of energy that comes to us to raise our vibration. This is not experienced without effort since a great commotion is necessary inside us to transmute the memories that we no longer need.

Chances are you feel like you are dealing with old patterns, fears, and memories right now. All this goes back. The opportunity is given to us to face them so that we no longer have to live with them.

We each have our own way of going through these energies. From my experience, this is what I release. Do not cling to these illusions even if at the moment when we live them, it is delicate. We can go through these moods in consciousness. The resource is not to cling to it.

The mind can play tricks and make detours that can be shortcuts.

You may experience unpleasant emotions such as sadness, anger, dying, loss of meaning, imbalance in your life and you may feel like you are hitting rock bottom.

You also have the opportunity to transmute through the mirror effect of your relationships which come to show you your gray areas and the unsaid or the things you couldn’t see before. Great fatigue, physical ailments, loss of bearings, sleep or difficulty eating properly are possible. It’s only a passage.

I feel like the best way to get through this phase is to accept this step.

Breathing, calm, water to purify us, nature to soothe us are exceptional resources.

If life sends you people on your way during this phase, it is to walk you there.

You may feel like you no longer know what is true or what is false. You can also go from one extreme to the other. Say one thing and its opposite. It’s OK.
For others, the need to be alone is an inner accomplishment.

However you experience this phase, know that it is only temporary and that a great revelation, alleviation and release is in progress if it is not already.

Take the time you need to come back to yourself.

Very often a period of calm and apparent emptiness comes to integrate this energetic tidal wave. It is not always necessary to put meaning into all this because I find that these phases come to show us our inner misinterpretations.

Know that you are not alone and many of us are going through this right now.

You may also be surprised to find that, for some people around you, nothing is happening and they are not in the same phase. It’s better this way. If we were to experience all of this at the same time, the world would go even crazier than it already is.

Each individual is placed in different energy waves and each wave creates the balance of this ocean of love in which we bathe even if we experience chaos from within at times. It’s like a drop that would be thrown out of the water to come back again.

If this text and this sharing was able to restore meaning and appeasement in what you are going through, I am delighted because it was my intention.

And if all that I have just described does not concern you, thank you because your energetic presence helps without you even knowing it those who live this inner storm.

I wish you all the light in the world.

Let’s stay in our center in the most beautiful way.

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Until then, I wish you a wonderful month of September

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