One of the most difficult aspects of the lockdown has been to be suddenly stuck at home managing to work from home while re-inventing your daily family routine.

For those with children, one massive challenge is to keep them busy (and studying) while you are working. Various people have adopted different strategies – some parents take turns between online meetings and video calls during their shifts, some booked online gym classes for kids and some creative families have managed to create a home playground between the living room and the garden.

I’m sure parents have learned a lot about their kids’ general daily physical activity needs during this time, and I’m sure many have tried to improvise while at same time questioning themselves whether they are on the right path right path. Read More


Alessio Barone practices Physiotherapy distance healing, craniosacral, chronic pain management, jaws muscles release, visceral manipulations, connective tissue massage, chakra energy healing, Chinese/Indian acupressure at Light Centre Moorgate. 

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