The signs of post-viral fatigue you may not know about

Post viral fatigue syndrome affects up to 10% of people who had a viral infection, but is often under-reported or under-diagnosed because of the lag in the apparition of symptoms (a few weeks to a few months), and because it can occur even if you had an asymptomatic infection, making it more difficult to find the trigger. Moreover, the symptoms can be hard to spot. So here are some of the key signs of post viral fatigue

  • You are constantly tired, exhausted, however much you sleep and nap. 
  • You experience post-exertional malaise, i.e. your usual physical exercise makes you feel completely out of breath, a bit nauseous, like you need to lie down or you’ll faint. 
  • You find it difficult to perform everyday tasks (work, socialising, hobbies).

Other possible signs include: 

  • Cognitive impairment, i.e. brain fog: you can’t focus, plan, execute tasks, you can’t remember where you left your glasses (in the fridge)
  • Orthostatic intolerance, i.e. feeling dizzy when standing up after sitting or lying down.

A wide range of other symptoms has been reported and listed below:

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