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Chinese Reflexology, Nerve Reflexology, Ear Reflexology and pregnancy Reflexology

Thursday 08:00 - 14:00


Reflexology, only Reflexology! Due to restrictions from Advertising Standards Authority, reflexologists are not allowed to make any medical claims. Sufice to say Reflexology is beneficial for a wide range of minor medical condtions and Rosanna has been confronted with many of them in the many years that she has been practising

£80 - 70 mins

Rosanna qualified as a reflexologist in the UK in 1994. She trained to practise Chinese Reflexology in 2002 and further honed her therapeutic skills with Professor Hang of the China Reflexology Association in Beijing in 2004

She was one of the first to be awarded a Fellowship by her governing body, Association of Reflexologists in 2009. She came to complementary medicine from science having previously read pharmacology at Bristol University, specialising in the central nervous system and pain

In 2009 she completed the intensive Nerve Reflexology course which was developed to help patients in pain. It is beneficial for all conditions that are influenced by the nervous system 

Reflexology is the ancient art of promoting good health by working pressure points on the feet, hands and ears that correspond to different organs, glands or structures of the body

Reflexologists believe that when the body is ill, injured or stressed, vital energy pathways are blocked preventing it from functioning optimally. Reflexology is thought to help unblock these pathways by eliminating toxins, improving the circulation and stimulating the immune system

Reflexology is very much part of daily life in China, it is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese people will go daily to receive reflexology to keep themselves in good optimum health. Although it is not often possible to receive Reflexology daily here in the UK, it really is best done on a regular basis to stay well and healthy

“My general well being is definitely enhanced by regular reflexology with Rosanna. I leave treatments feeling a couple of inches higher and colds and other minor bugs go much more swiftly” Hugh, CEO, London

“Rosanna Bickerton, who trained fully in Chinese and Western forms of reflexology, is the opposite of a light weight: she is sparklingly intelligent as well as practical.” Saturday Telegraph


All therapists at the Light Centre are self-employed and not employed by the Light Centre. All therapists have suitable qualifications and hold their own insurance. Customers are contracting directly with their therapist and any issues or claims need to be taken up directly with the therapist concerned. Please book with them directly.

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