Indigo Children

What are Indigo Children? How to recognise the signs in yourself and others

Indigo Children

Indigo children aren’t really all little ones anymore. You may also be from this family yourself and you must be an adult. The purpose of this article is to address everyone, in the hope of accompanying some. Often, indigos wear this shade from birth because the soul has directly incarnated with it. This is the case when it comes to a state that he already knew before returning to Earth.

That said, it is possible for any soul to activate the “indigo mode” at all times of their life, through deep awareness. You may have already known someone in your entourage who, following an accident, illness, bereavement, separation or other, suddenly becomes aware that he is alive! Often, he drastically changes his life, work, interests, etc. His circle of friends generally has difficulty following his evolution. It often happens that he experiences a moment of great loneliness. Thereafter, he will either forge new bonds of friendship, or reconnect with the same people, who will have accepted his change.

We speak of an indigo child as soon as this colour appears on the periphery of the aura, about 50 cm from the physical envelope. This hue indicates that the person perceives the true nature of things, beyond matter. He opened her third eye, consciously or not, which makes him very intuitive. Here are some characteristics that are unique to many indigo.

Do you recognize yourself in any of them?

  • Hypersensitivity to places and people.
  • Need for justice and coherence in his life, on all levels.
  • Independence. Need to always feel free, at all costs!
  • Strong mediation skills. Often defends the weak.
  • Major discomfort in hierarchical relationships, whatever they may be. Requires a healthy and respectful hierarchy.
  • Easier to communicate with nature and animals rather than with human beings. We find him very small, during a meal with friends, lying under the table with the dog, without wanting to meet anyone else.
  • Need bubble moments to recharge.
  • Hypersensitivity to electromagnetism.
  • Tendency to flee reality to take refuge in virtual worlds: either in video games or by spending one’s time communicating with angelic or other higher beings. Is life easier in virtual worlds?
  • Fight for various and varied causes, body and soul!
  • Feeling of being born with a mission… I tell you right now, indigo, your mission is only to be fully you, and the rest will follow!
  • Feeling of having a gift, something more, that makes him special.
  • Difficulty maintaining a stable social life. Tend to hermitage every now and then.
  • Need for travel, to discover the world, for adventure. He usually makes plans to travel around the world from an early age!
  • Difficulty finding one’s place in the world as it is today.
  • Pleasure and comfort in a job that suits him: a real headache! You will have to create it yourself, your job!
  • Gift of a strong sense of empathy, easily turned to others.
  • Disruptor of established systems. If he is in a company and something is not consistent there, a routine is established without anyone ever contradicting it, you can be sure that he will change it.
  • Feeling of marginality. Sensation of having taken the wrong planet (or parents) when incarnating.
  • Interest in intuition and extrasensory abilities.
  • Tendency to ask existential questions and want to resolve them through a spiritual journey.

Indigos are often believed to be children, in fact, most of them are already quite old today. The first big wave arrived in the 1940s. But there have also been waves before this mass arrival. There are several types of indigo according to their stages of evolution.  Three levels have been distinguished: indigo wave 1, wave 2 or wave 3.

Indigo Wave 1

Their vibrational frequency is around 4 to 4.6 Hz. Their sixth chakra is well developed. They were born from the 1940s. They are beings who came with the desire to change the world, to bring new things, great ideals, radical ideas but sometimes also a little “blue flower”! It’s the whole hippie movement for example. The indigo wave 1 have a developed sixth chakra but generally little grounding because society was not at all ready to welcome them as they were. It is the energy of the person who discovers his world from a new angle and marvels at it. Often indigo wave 1 wants to change everything at once in a radical dash. He is going to India to learn treatment techniques or to be inspired by great yogis. Indigos wave 1 often look for a master who can guide them on their way. They lack confidence most of the time, which prevents them from fully living their dreams.

Their strengths: they are active actors of change and bring new ways of thinking in a world not ready for it. They are revolutionising an environment that is not favourable to them. They illustrate the fact that it is possible to come out of this almighty matter and that there is another reality beyond all that. They are the parents of the entire line of indigo children.

Their points to improve: the self-confidence that will allow them to take the step to fully assume themselves and the grounding are the two elements that they generally need to work on.

They can recharge with: lapis lazuli crystal, going for a walk in nature or leaning against a tree also does them good. Being rooted in nature allows them to assume their difference and to perceive what can or cannot be achieved on this level. Thus their projects become feasible and they can go to the next level!

Indigo Wave 2

Their vibratory frequency is around 4.7 to 5.3 Hz. Their sixth chakra is highly developed. They were born from the 1960s. They are often children of Indigo wave 1. Indigos wave 2 carry the ideals of their parents but come with a better grounding. They therefore have the possibility of putting their concepts into matter. They are the ones who will open a wellness center, an alternative tea room, a Zen room in their company, etc. They are not afraid to take the step to change their life and assume this change. They are important in the foundation of projects that will make the world flourish.

Their strong points: they are generally endowed with an extremely strong relational sense. They love their neighbour, and show it to him. They are very attentive to their loved ones and want them to discover the magical world in which they live. They create centres and communities for people to find their way back to themselves.

Their areas for improvement: they lack the self-confidence to develop their own techniques. They often trust too much what others say rather than their own intuitions. If they have an indigo wave 3 child, for example, there is a great risk that they will raise him as a child-king, because they perceive him to be wiser than themselves.

They can recharge with: lapis lazuli crystal, going for a walk in nature, leaning against a tree does them good. Finding inner strength, confidence, power, through good work on themselves allows them to move to the indigo 3 frequency.

Indigo Wave 3

Their vibratory frequency is around 5.4 to 5.9 Hz. Their sixth chakra is very highly developed. They were born from the 1980s. They are the famous “indigo children”, those who are flourishing at the moment. Indigos wave 3 are true disruptors of established systems. They refuse to do what they are told or advised until they have experienced it for themselves. They bring with them all the knowledge of the Ancients but often refuse to reproduce it as it is! They choose to chart their own course and shape their techniques in their own way. They generally need grounding and connection to their pelvis (second chakra) to put more sacredness and less head in their actions. Their great difficulty is to manage their feelings and make them a tool in this existence. They are extremely sensitive to all the information that surrounds them because they constantly capture it, given the development of their sixth chakra. These children generally have a very high intelligence quotient (IQ), which earned them the sweet name of HP (for “high potential”). Their potential is certainly very high, but they must learn to ground themselves to enter into a relationship.

Their strengths: they generally have strong mediumistic gifts, great intellectual and intuitive abilities. They often see auras. The indigos wave 3 bring profound changes with new points of reflection and a very different angle of view from the one we are used to.

Their points to improve: their egocentrism sometimes plays tricks on them. They are focused on their goal and move forward at all costs, even if others do not follow. They are often stubborn and a bit selfish. This comes from the fact that they know very well where they want to go and will only change their route when they have decided it themselves. They tend to prefer virtual environments to real environments. The world of video games can snap them up and hold them hostage in surprising ways. They feel more comfortable with simple reports via a virtual interface rather than in daily physical reports. They tend to intellectualise everything and want to understand everything and know everything, which annoys those around them! They are sensitive to everything around them. They have to learn to deal with it and protect themselves.

They can recharge with: lapis lazuli crystal, going for a walk in nature, leaning against a tree is also good for them. Working on the energy of their second chakra, the Hara, sacred chakra and relating to relationships, allows them to really get in touch with each other, and to have an excellent foundation to move forward.

Please note that dates given for the arrival of each wave of indigo children are just references, Many researchers talk about different dates. The most important are characteristics of these new children. You might also like to read my articles on The New Children


“The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth” by Dolores Cannon.

Indigos by Nancy Ann Tappe

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