Why taking a pause is now more important than ever

Is life getting hectic again and are you feeling overwhelmed? Well…if it’s any consolation, you are not alone.

With life back to “as close as” normal as we once knew it, our schedules and diaries have taken over, creating a huge feeling of overwhelm, stress and anxiety.

Gone are the days when we were just sitting in our gardens listening to the birds sing, or taking long walks across lush green fields or baking homemade cakes and bread! Lockdown had its many challenges but it taught us how to live at a more balance pace.

But now…it’s almost as if we have forgotten how to slow down as we are too busy trying to play catch up!

We all continue to talk of me time, self care, time out etc so why do we fail to execute this?

NOW is when we need to remind ourselves of the importance of taking a Pause to recharge, reflect and re-energise.

A Pause is important as it will help us to caliberate …to gather our thoughts and assess our situation be it personal, professional emotional or physical.

Holistic therapies such as Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Facial Massage are a great way to force a pause. They also help induce deep relaxation, alleviate stress and anxiety as well as help with improved circulation, immunity and sleep!

However when you cannot fit in an appointment you can still slot in some time to just breathe!

Walk away from your laptop, disconnect from technology and social media and step into a Zen space. Breathe in the outside air, feel the breeze kiss your face or just bask in the sun for a few minutes.

Even just a stroll in your garden to listen to the birds chirping away will break you away from your routine.

Stepping away and breaking the cycle of a routine or chore will help you to recharge and ultimately increase output.

So be kind to yourself….take a pause!




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