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Holistic Therapist -Body Stress Release Practitioner - Hypnotherapist - Past Life Regression Therapy - Inner Child Regression Therapy - Reiki - Meditation

Tuesdays 08:00 - 14:00




Mary-Clare is an experienced Teacher, Coach and qualified multi-faceted, Holistic Therapist. Using knowledge, experience and deep intuition, Mary-Clare offers a range of therapies, coaching and workshops that are each designed around the client, enabling the mind, body and soul to self-heal, overcome challenges and trauma, and build rich and healthy lives. 

Releasing Stress and pain, physically, emotionally and mentally through Body Stress Release.

Reprogramming negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour through Hypnotherapy or by revisiting past events and transforming unwanted beliefs or behaviours through Regression Therapy.

Reiki can release mental, emotional and physical stress that has been locked in the body. It can improve symptoms of insomnia, headaches, anxiety and stress and relief from pain.

Mary-Clare is passionate about helping others using a modality most comfortable to each individual.

£90 - 60 mins first session of Body Stress Release

£80 - 45 minutes for Body Stress Release follow-up

£135 - 90 minutes Hypnotherapy first Session.

£90 - 60 minutes Hypnotherapy follow up.

£270 - 90 minutes Hypnotherapy including three follow-up zoom coaching sessions (90 minutes)

£225 - 150 minutes Past Life Regression Therapy & Inner Child Regression Therapy.

£360 - Regression Therapy 150 minutes including three follow-up zoom coaching sessions (90 minutes).

£80 - 60 minutes Usui Reiki & Crystal Healing

Free 30 minute telephone Consultation for all therapies.

10% Discount when you purchase a block of 3 sessions of Body Stress Release, Hypnotherapy or Reiki.

10% off Bespoke Therapy Combinations.


Mary-Clare Blackburn


Mary-Clare began her career as a Teacher, Leader and Coach in education, guiding children and adults to reach their full potential. During these 23 years, she was always interested in alternative methodologies of teaching, learning and healing.

Body Stress Release

After discovering Body Stress Release and dedicating much time as a client, Mary-Clare responded so well that she was compelled to travel to South Africa and become a qualified practitioner of Body Stress Release. Body Stress Release is very effective technique used for a wide range of physical, emotional and chemical issues. It is a gentle technique for everyone- from infants to the elderly. It is also safe during pregnancy. People of all ages and from all walks of life find Body Stress Release to be extremely effective.

Clients have reported relief from.                          

  • Back pain                                             
  • Sciatica
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Headaches
  • Migraine
  • Neuralgia
  • Indigestion/ IBS
  • Insomnia & sleep issues
  • Whiplash
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Stress & Anxiety relief and many more….

For more information please visit:

Mary-Clare’s treatments have changed my life
“It’s not an exaggeration to say that Mary-Clare’s treatments have changed my life. Previously, my mild/moderate spinal scoliosis was hugely helped by exercise (thank you Pilates!), but I still relied on regular osteopath visits and massages to stay straight and out of pain. But I haven’t needed any of that in years. My back has subtly relaxed as my muscles have begun to let go and at 62, I’m far straighter and more comfortable than I was at 32. As if that wasn’t enough, the treatments themselves are sheer bliss – all the relief of a massage but far longer lasting and mysteriously soothing for the mind and heart as well. And Mary-Clare is one of those rare souls, a therapist whose instinctive grasp of exactly what you need and when is almost magically comforting. My body seems to go on unravelling and soothing itself long after I’ve walked away from her couch. I don’t know how she does it, but I can’t recommend her highly enough.”  Julie Myerson. February 2023

Regression Therapy

Mary-Clare trained at the Past Life Regression Academy, qualifying as a Hypnotherapist and a Past Life and Regression Therapist. Past Life Regression & Inner Child Regression Therapy are very powerful and transformational therapies that are focused on uncovering memories from your past that may be contributing to your current mental or physical state or harmful habits. Through this process the source of an issue is located and traumatic past events can be integrated, transformed, released and healed.

“From the moment I met Mary-Clare I immediately felt safe and comforted. The information I received in the sessions were vivid, meaningful and deeply healing. She took her time to talk and understand my personal experiences in a very gentle, loving and compassionate manner. Her intuitive guidance and support have helped me move into a much more meaningful way of life without the fears and doubts. Thank you Mary-Clare what a blessing!” — Tamara 2022


Hypnotherapy works with your unconscious mind to reprogram your actions or emotions and rapidly transform your life. The session will be followed-up with three online zoom, coaching sessions to support and guide you further, to reach your higher goals and fulfil your life’s purpose.

A few examples of challenges that can be overcome with Hypnotherapy; Claustrophobia, Fear of Public speaking, Smoking Cessation, Anxiety, Unwanted habits, Fear of flying, Self esteem, Stress relief, Weight loss.

“I had an issue with nail biting and terrible looking hands since childhood, and so, in my forties, thought it really was time to stop. Though somewhat sceptical about hypnotherapy, I now wish I’d tried it sooner. After three sessions with the wonderful Mary-Clare, I have completely broken the habit, and it felt effortless and relaxing even. I really cannot imagine going back to what was such an automatic, incessant habit. Huge thanks to you, Mary-Clare.” -  Sebastian Torkia

Usui Reiki

Mary-Clare has also completed the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing and is a qualified Reiki Therapist, making her an experienced, holistic therapist and coach.

“My experience of Reiki with Mary-Clare has been a fundamental life changing event for me. It has helped me to centre myself in the sense of an increased physical well being and also in allowing me to mentally refresh my mind. Mary-Clare is a consummate professional and her overwhelming calm approach has always made me feel safe during the sessions and totally nourished afterwards. A sincere thank you Mary-Clare.” — A. Cardoso January 2023


Mary-Clare also designs, facilitates one-to-one and leads group Meditations for clients suffering from anxiety, stress and loss and general relaxation for both the body, mind and soul. She has worked with mindfulness meditation in schools with both staff and children with great results and runs Restorative and healing Retreats.

Rarely one comes across real angels in this world. Beautiful, spiritual Beings who dedicate their lives to the physical and metaphysical needs of others! Mary-Clare is such a person. Her beautiful, sensitive meditations delivered in her confident, but infinitely warm and gentle, mesmeric voice are a true balm to the soul. A true friend indeed.’ - Rula Lenska 2021

Mary-Clare is committed to helping others to gain a healthier way of life through positive thinking, re-programming the mind, facilitating our bodies to self heal and to guide others towards their true life purpose and become still. With a range of therapies and techniques



All therapists at the Light Centre are self-employed and not employed by the Light Centre. All therapists have suitable qualifications and hold their own insurance. Customers are contracting directly with their therapist and any issues or claims need to be taken up directly with the therapist concerned. Please book with them directly.

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