Benefits of Cacao

Health Benefits of Cacao v Cocoa

Many clients inquire about the compatibility of chocolate with a balanced lifestyle. As a self-professed chocoholic, moderation is my mantra. Let’s delve into the intriguing realm of cacao, the food of the gods, exploring its ceremonial rituals and energetic benefits.

Cacao’s ceremonial connection

Over the past decade, my relationship with cacao has evolved beyond mere consumption. Connecting, honouring, and cultivating ceremonial rituals around cacao enhance its energetic benefits. In this form, cacao becomes a healing force, fostering mental and emotional clarity, especially in areas like love, purpose, intuition, and personal growth. Personally, it helps me stay present, soft, and in a state of surrender, nurturing my creativity.

Harmonising with cacao’s wisdom

Cacao, like many plants, possesses its own intelligence. Living in harmony with the plant world allows us to tap into deeper-rooted wisdom, gaining healing benefits. Commercial chocolate bars, laden with processed sugars, preservatives, and artificial additives, pale in comparison to the protective qualities of pure, raw cacao.

The power of raw cacao:
  • Improves focus and memory.
  • Elevates mood and combats depression.
  • Contains phenylethylamine – ‘the love molecule.’
  • Contains anandamide – ‘the bliss molecule.’
  • Supports infertility and stimulates sexual desire.
  • Rich in magnesium and iron.
  • Increases vata and pitta while reducing kapha (without sugars).

Understanding the complex taste of raw cacao
For those who have experienced 100% raw cacao, its bitter taste, pungent aftertaste, and rajasic (stimulating) nature are familiar. While it can be challenging on digestion, its incredible antioxidant properties make it a powerhouse for countering the effects of stress, pollution, and promoting health and vitality.

Contrasting perspectives:
  • Raw vs. processed
  • Prana (life force energy) vs. no life force
  • Balancing for all doshas vs. unbalancing
  • Antioxidant vs. toxin creation
  • Heart opening vs. heart clogging
  • Satisfies the energy body vs. satisfies mind cravings
The journey from bean to bar

During my time in Peru, I immersed myself in the bean-to-bar process. The flavuor of chocolate develops through the fermentation of bitter alkaloids in cacao seeds, followed by drying, cleaning, roasting, and shelling to extract cacao nibs.

Conscious sourcing and harvesting

Similar to many sacred plants, it’s crucial to be conscious of how cacao is sourced and harvested. By doing so, we can respect its sacred nature and deepen our connection with its wisdom.

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