Barbie Frock

Rock your festive frock and party like Barbie! 8 Bach Flower Remedies to get you into shape for Christmas

Our health and wellbeing should always be at the centre of any weight loss decisions. But we’re only human…


Whatever your thoughts and feelings about body image, when it comes to the holiday season, most of us feel at least some anxiety about our appearance. When Christmas fashion catalogues fill our letterboxes, what to wear at the office party or the family Christmas extravaganza suddenly becomes a serious business. It can involve hours of careful coordination and hitting up the credit card. Ouch.

Who wouldn’t love to groove out of 2023 like Barbie in her sparkly jumpsuit? But if you regularly tuck into supersize portions of stuffed-crust pizza and a Ben and Jerry’s chaser, your party ensemble may need an elastic waistband! Say goodbye to festive cheer. Hello festive flab.

Attitudes towards appearance and body image are heavily influenced by the thousands of images on our screens… and in those catalogues! Models and celebrities are digitally, sometimes surgically enhanced. And still we compare ourselves to the artificial. It’s hardly surprising that so many women have issues around body image and beauty.


When food is comfort


When our emotions are imbalanced, we can turn to food for comfort. It’s a complex situation, often requiring deep, emotional work to change unhealthy patterns and for some, habits of a lifetime.

With focus, determination and hard work, we can do anything we put our minds to. And that includes shedding those unwanted pounds. Being healthy and feeling great usually leads to looking great too (without the risky enhancements).

But life has a habit of tripping us up, presenting us with excuses to press the pause button on our self-improvement plans. We may lack the energy or motivation to get started. In other cases, staying on track feels like a hopeless cause. If you fall off the wagon, getting back on could feel like trying to climb Everest.


Bach Flower Remedies can help us find mental strength and focus during such times.


If you’re trying to lose a few pounds before the party season starts, I recommend eight Bach Flower Remedies to help you succeed. They’ll help you to start, last the distance and cross the finish line. On your marks!

To read each of the eight remedy descriptions and decide which resonates with you, visit the blog page at my website.

If you’d like personalised help with remedies for weight-related issues or any other emotional concerns, consultations are available at Clapham Common at my introductory price of £49. But there’s more…

During November, I have a brilliant giveaway! With each introductory consultation, I’m giving away a 10ml bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy containing 100 doses.

Now, that really is an early Christmas treat… and there are absolutely no calories involved!

I hope to see you soon at Clapham Common.



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